About turtlebella

I’m a white belt Nia teacher. I read too much, if there is such a thing. Pollinators are cool, I wish I was a pollination biologist but I am SO not, even when I was a biologist I wasn’t a pollination biologist. In some way, I will always be a biologist. I’m a rabid left-wing radical on pretty much all the issues you can think of. I’m a queer woman in a heterosexual relationship. I am a proud Chicana. If you know me in real life, you might be like, huh? cos I am quite light-skinned. But I am half-Mexican, half-Anglo-American by heritage and Chicana by choice (for me, being Chican@ is a political choice). I think too much about most things. Someday I will be a mom, but for now I co-parent two dogs and one kitten. I adore reading (did I mention that already?), as do all members of my family. My brother Bear’s therapist recently looked at him and said, “Is it fair to say that books are an escape for you?” My response when he told me this was, “That’s a bad thing?” I write about most of these things and other stuff too, mostly for my own enjoyment and distraction.

Others I sometimes talk about are…

the Sqvirrel = my ever-loving and patient beloved partner

Bartleby = our black pug

The Big White = youngest dog, the largest of all of them, a hound mutt

Da Gama = the kitten

giggly girl = my best friend

Bear = my brother

Bird = my sister-of-the heart

Deer Mami = my mother (note: “Mami” is how you spell Mommy in Spanish and it is pronounced maamie NOT Mame-ee, like she’s my Auntie Mame or something)

My blogroll is highly idiosyncratic and not at all comprehensive, but I actually read all of them, obsessively, when I should be working.  They range in topic from academia, feminism, queer studies, race, books, all the kinds of things I like, basically.

Email me at turtlebella [at] gmail [dot] com

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