Posted by: turtlebella | 19 November 2007

There are many things that are just.wrong

Today I will list a few things that are just.wrong about the immigration (so-called) debate.

  • Calling people illegal. Can we just STOP. Just stop. Humans are not illegal. 6427may1.jpg(Should you need an example of what illegal *should* be, just look at what Bush/Cheney does on any given day in office.) It sickens, pains, disgusts me how often this word is said. It has looooooooooooong (i.e., before the current debate) been the word of choice of right wing types who somehow think that the US should be all-white, all-the-time. But lately a lot of liberal/progressive types seem to think it’s just fine to use this word to describe immigrants. Stop.
  • Calling for a need to “secure” the border. Because there are terrorists fleeing through, for example, the Sonoran Desert into Pima County, AZ (by the way, that’s the land of my birth). Oh no, wait, that would be latinoamericanos, dying as they cross the Sonoran Desert (or the mountains, or Rio Grande, not to mention the hands of coyotes, the guns of the migra and those pinchado MinuteMen). [cue sarcasm, again] But MAYBE there are evil Iraqis that are using the Mexico border to cross into the US and into an “unidentified Indian reservation” And since Mexicans, Iraqis, and Indians are all brown, who can tell the difference? [/sarcasm]. But aside from those of us who have lived that border, and in whose historical memories live the creation of a border that crossed our land and other people who GET that this idea is racism masked as national “security,” a lot of politicians all over the country…like in Iowa and Wisconsin and shit…seem to think that securing the border with Mexico (odd how Canada gets mentioned only very rarely, wait, it’s not odd, it’s just that those people that live up there…they are white) is a really.really.important.issue. Anyone who buys into this argument has allowed right wing, seriously conservative, racist, hate-mongers to dictate their fear.
  • And actually, that’s all, for TODAY. Because seriously, there’s only so much I can take on a minute by minute basis.

For an antidote to all this total BS, please read…

Black Amazon’s Let the holiday season begin. Because mi ‘mana tells it.

Brownfemipower’s feeling like a macho man. Because she writes as if from my heart, in a way I can never seem to do. Thank god she speaks and loudly and always asks if we are willing to look the other way.

Power of Community’s Video testimonials from people in Wisconsin (see, Wisconsin isn’t homogeneous in its beliefs or color!) regarding immigration and immigrant rights.



  1. I totally agree.

    I hate the thought of living in a walled country but that is what we will become if things continue along the same path.

  2. thank you! i really wish it would stop… one of the main reasons i can’t watch TV news. did you see Kucinich call out the moderator on the latest debate for using the word illegal?

  3. what i think is the most scary/frustering/hard to believe part is that people don’t see how history repeats itself over and over. how come they don’t connect tying this “need” for “security” to how japanese americans were held in containment camps for the same reasons? and all the other horrible things that went down in american history?

  4. frankly, the whole situation is a nightmare.

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