Posted by: turtlebella | 14 November 2007

10 random things

Okay, I admit it. I’ll take cheap content when I can get it. I was non-tagged by Phantom Scribbler. I guess the challenge is to find 10 things you don’t already know about me.

10 random things about me

1. I spend time wondering about things like eternity and whether we can truly understand dog personalities and the physics of color.

2. I always play the race card…and the heternormative card… (oops, you probably already knew that!)

3. If I am in the middle of something and I have to pee, I often put going off to the bathroom for a loooong time. I know, I know this is bad for my bladder.

4. Teasing is a national sport in my family. I dislike this practice. Yet, I find myself teasing friends and family incessantly. It’s really hard to stop. Kind of like when I was still Catholic and I tried to give up being sarcastic for lent. Yeah. Right.

5. Recently, I saw Ana Castillo talk and during the discussion period a Hispanic* woman mentioned that almost everyone in a Latin@ community has a nickname that consists of “La…” or “El…” and some adjective. Mine has been “La Llorona” – the cryer or weeper. Although there is also a well-known story by that name as well and the La Lorona there is a ghost. I’m not a ghost.

6. I am a beer snob. I see no reason to drink Bud, Miller Lite, et al. If I don’t have the funds to buy better beer (read: micro-brew, home-brew, or GOOD imported beer, ie. NOT Heiniken or Bass or Amstel frickin Light), I’ll just drink water (TAP water), thanks.

7. The phone number we got at our new (almost a year ago) house used to belong to that of a bridal shop, Amy’s Bridal Shop (not its real name). We get several calls a day, people looking for their dress, people looking for someone who works there, vendors calling, the city government calling, tele-marketing for business, who knows what all. It’s really annoying. Especially since it’s not all that easy to explain, that yes, this number USED to be that of the bridal shop, but that now it’s a residence, and no, we aren’t Amy nor do we know Amy… We have refrained from actually giving out the current phone number of Amy’s Bridal Shop. I just don’t answer the phone anymore. Pinche phone company.
8. I usually don’t eat breakfast, unless we go out to a diner. Gemini Cities have an excellent collection of good diners with fanfrickintastic breakfasts so I usually have breakfast once a week or so.

9. I do not partake of (American) mainstream media.Well, okay, I listen to NPR, but only if I’m in the car. And the sqvirrel will tell me about stuff that he reads in the newspaper. But never ever do I watch any news shows on the TV. Well, okay, even that has an exception but only for the BBC when I am overseas.

10. I really love soda (or as they say here where I live, pop). I don’t buy it to drink at home. And I have to be very conscientious about not ordering it when I go out. Cos damn if that stuff isn’t well a) bad for you but also b) full of high fructose corn syrup. And that’s just wrong.

*I generally hate hate hate the term Hispanic. I won’t get into why here, but I will say that this woman self-identified as Hispanic. It’s a New Mexico thing (she was from and still lives in New Mexico).



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  2. okay.

    1. i do the same thing with the peeing – it’s a scientist thing?

    2. enlighten me/us on the word ‘hispanic’?

    3. i agree with the beer

    4. i agree with the news, though i admit i think i’m more of an npr junkie – i wake to it and listen while showering – a few hours a day. . .

  3. Wait, Leigh, you shower for a few hours a day?

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