Posted by: turtlebella | 9 September 2007

Cover (my) name!

Moving on…to a fun new meme! via Sylvia at Classical Bookworm. Type your name into the amazon search box and pick your (two*) favorite cover(s).

I discovered there are a lot of people out there with my first name! Even spelled correctly, or the way I spell it anyway. But a lot of kind of creepy fairy books are featured. I like the image of fairies in my head better than the conventional depiction of them. Anyhow…


hmmm, my politics aren’t showing, are they?!


I don’t really know what this is a cover image for exactly (I didn’t search inside! and while we’re there, that thingy annoys me but I couldn’t get rid of it) but I like the boldness and the almost repetition of the graphics.

Who wants to play?

*I believe you were supposed to pick your favorite single image. But Sylvia picked two and yeah, I have a hard time picking out just one.


  1. Hmm, fire and the colour red. I see a trend here…

  2. Ha! Yup, I am a DANGEROUS woman, Sylvia! ;)

  3. […] saw this one at Classical Bookworm and Slow but Steady. Go to, type in your own name in the search box, and choose the two best covers from the […]

  4. Good one. I’ve tagged myself.

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