Posted by: turtlebella | 29 August 2007

I lazy, good for nothin’

My self-esteem is a lot better now than 15 years ago. Thank god. But there are things that I hate about myself. Mind you, not enough to do anything about them. So I need to accept them.

Don’t you just love (not) that I use my blog to work through things?

Here’s what I need to accept about myself and just move the hell on with my life already:

1. I never make my bed.

2. My kitchen / house is not uncluttered and organized. It does not look like my mother-in-law’s. I do not clean-as-I-cook but leave it for the next day, week, when it makes me cry to look at it.

3. My vegetable garden is completely overgrown with squash plants and I don’t pick all my tomatoes soon enough.

4. I cannot do my Nia music bars to save my life

5. I am not perfect.

6. I can’t stand using the phone. Either to answer or to make calls.

7. Sometimes I am whiny and bitchy and manipulative.

8. I am somewhat neurotic (hah, you hadn’t noticed, had you?).


  1. But you’re a beautiful, intelligent woman. And that’s really all that matters. :)

  2. Amen to that, Melissa! And the vegetable garden? It’s fantastic…

  3. Awww, thanks, Melissa. I realize belatedly that this post may seem like I’m fishing for compliments. But really, I’m just trying to work through things aloud (Is there a verb for the written form of aloud?). Makes it more real, somehow.

    I love my husband (the sqvirrel). Today at the hair salon-y place I was talking about how great he is. And I think maybe the hairdresser is getting annoyed with how fab my husband is!

  4. Hey, at least you have squash plants to get overgrown. Ours are getting eaten by animals before they get that big.

    I think making beds is way overrated myself.

  5. Your mother-in-law and mine both.

    And beds? Pah. The spouse makes ours. I never used to fold laundry, either. Why bother?

  6. I can’t stand using the phone either. And I didn’t even plant a garden this year. And my house is not just cluttered — it’s filthy. I do make the bed, though.

  7. cheers to hating the phone! i also hate it… this means that i am not in touch with you as often as i’d want to be… but i just hate calling anyone. . . also, cell phones don’t work like house lines and the sound sucks, etc. hip hip hurray for email!

  8. D- your above comment (about the hairdresser) reminds me of the funny song that Rosa Henderson sings:

    What a blunder
    To blow like thunder,
    When you love you love your daddy so!
    You better keep him hidin’,
    Don’t you be confidin’
    To every woman you know!
    If you do, you’ll find,
    Some gal will sure be tryin’
    Her best to take him ‘way from you!
    So you’d better heed my good advice,
    And do like a woman ought to do.

    Don’t be a nut,
    Keep your mouth shut,
    And don’t you advertise your man!
    It’s all right to brag about your hat or your dress,
    But don’t go blowin’ ’bout the man you love best!
    Just rave about the things your man can do,
    And some woman will sure take him away from you!
    So take a tip,
    Hold your lip,
    And don’t you advertise your man!
    And don’t you advertise your man!

  9. (i was wrong about the writer of this song, but you’ll enjoy the bonnie raitt version for sure!)

  10. I love that song, Leigh! Judy introduced me to it, oh, lo, these many years ago. I can’t think who I know singing it– maybe Katie Webster? Anyway, also funny to see Bonnie back when she drank.

    You are all so nice to me! Thanks/ It’s funny to see that I know so many people who don’t like the phone. And I’ve even known (in real life) Leigh for like 12? years and I had no idea.

    Okay, I HAVE to go d-clutter my house because my in-laws arrive today. Not that they would EVER say anything- they are completely sweet- but my inner critic would just ratchet herself up into a tornado if I don’t do something.

  11. Your house is beautiful, your garden is fantastic and you are awesome!

  12. Heh, Suzy’s mom, it took me a couple of seconds to figure out your new pseudonym– I like it! :)

  13. well, I knew there was a reason we connected “like that”. I pretty much agree with your entire list, except the, “i get bitchy’. the only time I get bitchy is when other people *make* me get bitchy, thus, it is not my fault, thus I don’t feel bad about it. (hee hee).

    I hate the phone more than life, esp cell phones as there’s always static or a pause in transmission–it’s just too confusing and irritating for me, but every darn person and their son wants to call me on their cell. OOoh, look at how cute I am, I am calling you on my sell while I am ordering lunch, which means I can’t talk to you anyway, but I thought I’d waste my minutes making you listen to me order my lunch because I’m so cute and have a cell phone!!!!!


    I guess it’s not that bad. but seriously, I hate phones.

  14. bfp! Yup, just another reason we are sisters of la alma or whatever!

  15. For such serious flaws (especially the making of the bed) you do seem to have a lot of supportive friends and family. I have just discovered your and your husband’s blogs and have been enjoying doing catch up reading. I assume all is well up there in Canada.

    Dana (Virginia)

  16. Two words: Sippie Wallace

  17. Where and how do I join the club?

    I hope the membership is renewable for, like, decades.

    Most days, I can’t *stand* the phone and beds are made to exist unmade.

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