Posted by: turtlebella | 16 July 2007

Back from Maine

Just got home. Vacation- it’s a lovely thing. We really should all have 5 weeks paid vacation– ah, to be French (without you know, having to live in France or speak French!). Of course, we had lovely time. Here’s a photo of the sqvirrel down by the water on one of the glorious days we had…p1010044.jpg



  1. just in case anyone is interested, this new template has a customizable header and so that photo up there is one I took, also from our recent trip to mount desert island, maine!

  2. Welcome back! Looks like you had a great time.

    And nice new theme! It feels so serene and peaceful, especially with that beautiful photo.

  3. Pretty!

    On zucchini bread: if you grate the doomful veg and then throw it in a bag and freeze it, you can then thaw and proceed on a cooler day. It tastes pretty much the same as fresh, especially if your recipe has a little cinnamon.

  4. Thanks, Jenny F! I did manage to pop the bread in the oven and then flee the premises yesterday. Of course, today, it’s just lovely out…

  5. welcome back!

  6. those are beautiful pics.

    I wanna jump in the water! I am glad you had a nice break!

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