Posted by: turtlebella | 15 March 2007

Little Soft Head Bella (1994 – 2007)

 My heart is broken tonight. The little soft head dog died this afternoon. She was very ill and is now at peace. It’s just me who is not at peace with her being gone. I love you, my little soft head.  She had a heart bigger than any I’ve known and loved me with every last part of it. She was with me through grad school, through a painful breakup, through meeting the sqvirrel, she was always there, waiting for me to cuddle with her, to lick my hand, to smoosh her face on my shirt, to take pride of place on my lap. I carried her many times but she carried my heart with her. She will always be there in my heart, firmly lodged. I will miss her more than I can say. Sleep well, my muffin.








  1. aw man. i’m sorry. hang in there.

  2. Oh, no! I’m so, so sorry! It’s good that she’s at peace, and she had a lovely life with you. But what a gaping hole such little creatures leave when they go.

  3. I’m so sorry! They are, each one of them, infinitely special.

  4. Oh, Turtlebella, I’m so sorry.

  5. I’m so sorry- what a cute little pup.

  6. Oh so so sorry…. it is so awful when a pet dies. I miss my dog still and she died over 2 years ago…

  7. Oh, turtlebella! I’m so, so sorry.

  8. Oh, I’m so sorry!

  9. I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope she’s frolicking in the big doggie park in the sky with all the sausages she can eat.

  10. I’m so sorry. I had one for ten years. Since I was 11 till I was 21, and as I had no brothers or sisters she was my confident friend, my sister, my everything. She was with me all the time and when she was gone it really hurt.

  11. I am so sorry, I know how much your heart hurts. Little Razzy Soft Head was a sweet and gentle little dog, whom I adored. May sound silly, but I cried a bit when I read the news.You two were an amazing match from the moment she shyly crept out of her shipping crate. You were both fortunate to have had such a lovely life together, and the beauty of it is that you knew that the whole time; a gift that allowed you to cherish her all the more. There is a sadness in you now that may seem inconsolable, but hold the memories close and eventually they will make you smile not cry. How many other dogs could open and consume an entire box of Hob nobs?

  12. Oh, I’m so sorry! What a beautiful Little Soft Head she was.

  13. As the powdery snow fills the sky here in Poughkeepsie, it almost makes me feel like I could be in where you are, so I can walk down the street to your house and give you a big hug and a cup of tea. It doesn’t seem too long ago when I met Little Softhead, my very first pug! What an oddly loveable creature to me, but she became just as much as my Virginia family as any of us. I was always partial to her–you know I’m not a dog-person by nature, but she took me aside and helped me understand her. I guess, that’s it; she was patient. Thus the paradox of time: feels so recent, yet I’ve known Little Softhead for about 10 years, and she lived for even longer than that, and her spirit will be with you forever. What a gift! Not too bad a run, Little Softhead. Turtlebella, my heart is with you and your family.

  14. ay, mana—I’m SO sorry–I just so so sorry.

  15. I have now looked at your entry 4 seperate times. She was just such a piglet, i mean a puglet. andrew and i will never forget her snorting and frolicking. we will also never forget her fear of VW model buggies. in our minds, you two are inseparable.

  16. turtle and sqvirrel,
    I am so sorry to hear about the little soft head. One of my strongest visual memories of her is at the front door to your house in VA. I see the girls and my new brindled outlaw… the girls are up on their hind legs with their paws on the screen door and the boy is there with them – all their noses smooshed up against the storm door window. But, lo and behold, when they move away from the window – their noses stay all smooshed!! What a trio! I hope l.s.h. is having a great time romping with the Nyssamonster…and that her sibs are snuggling a little closer to y’all this week…

  17. Thanks everyone. we are hanging in there. I love hearing people’s memories of Razzie Soft Head!

  18. How heart-breaking. I am sorry to hear the news.

  19. big hug to you, turtle. I can tell from the photos that your little soft head had loads of personality and a mom who loved her very much!

  20. I’m reading this late but I wanted to send you my thoughts…I’m so sad for you and am sending out hugs to you.

  21. I am very sorry that you are going through this Turtle. I remember every single pet that my family has ever had. Fortunately, you will always have the memories of the time you spent together to remind you of how special she was. If you need someone to talk to about it, I’m available.

  22. I am so very sorry…she was such a beautiful dog, and what beautiful memories you will have.

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