Posted by: turtlebella | 25 February 2007

Pinche Pinche Pinche elitist, racist college Republicans and their backers

I am really angry. For the second time, a student group has staged a “Catch the Illegal Immigrant” game. In which the participants try to ‘find’ and ‘catch’ the person playing the ‘illegal,’ i.e., I first heard about this hideousness when brownfemipower told us about a similar stunt by a student group at the University of Michigan. Now I hear, via XicanoPwr at !Para Justicia y Libertad!, that the College Republicans at NYU had the incredibly idiocy to play this incredibly offensive, hateful game, all in the name of racism, sorry, I mean debate.

Debate my Chicana ass. I know college students can be a bit whacked and aren’t exactly living in the real world (hell, college student groups I was part of staged queer kiss-ins to confront homophobia, pretty silly). But this is going way.way.the.fuck too far. Immigration to this country – especially the kind which these groups are so clearly parodying – is not a game.  It is a story of desparation, struggle, starvation, fear, and degredation.  Just read this, and this (or just about any little thing that Nezua, the unapologetic mexican, writes).

This kind of game – stunt? – is disgusting and demeaning and it is horrifying that anyone thinks this is a good – creative even! – idea.  These students and their national group, the College Republican National Committee and the Republican Party itself just keep on demonstrating their amazing capacity for racism, xenophobia, and jingoism.

I am really so angry that I can’t at this moment blog meaningfully about it. So I will give you the words of XicanoPwr,

This is not an X-box game where you another life or simply walk away if you are killed; fascist scapegoating should never be up for academic discussion.

To think by having this would foster some type of discussion is seriously flawed. So what social ill is next on the group’s agenda they plan to tackle, cross burning to facilitate a conversation on racism? Or is it beating up the downtrodden, to discuss the homeless issue?

Please, please go over to !Para Justicia y Libertad! because an excellent case is made for why this is another example of the institutionalized nature of racism in America today. I happen to agree with XicanoPwr.


  1. You might be interested in the post Woman Warrior
    wrote about immigration as a issue of globalization.

    I totally agree with you about the idiocy and racism of the stunt pulled by the “College Republicans”.

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