Posted by: turtlebella | 14 February 2007

6 Weird Things

Really, I have deep and profound things to say. Really. But instead of that I am going to do this six weird things about me meme. Cos I love meme, never said I didn’t!

Mary Stebbins Taitt of No Polar Coordinates tagged me.
Here’s the scoop: People who are tagged should write a blog post of 6 weird things about them as well as state this rule clearly. Then I am supposed to tag people. But I am too shy to tag people! So just consider yourself tagged if ya wanna be! And not if you donna wanna be.

1. I do not like ice in my water (Mary Stebbins Taitt said this one too). gigglygirl thinks this is most odd. But the sqvirrel agrees with me (actually he doesn’t like cold water at all but this is six weird things about ME, not him). Ice, it’s too cold. It hurts my teeth. It gets in the way. If I have a straw, it’s okay.

2. I make strange noises if alone or with immediate family of the sqvirrel and the dogs. With my mouth and throat, need I say? At the moment I can’t think why or when I do this. It just happens. Like singing a little song. Only instead I make a goofy noise.

3. If I see a dog walking, I generally say the words, “I’m a dog, walkin’ along…Yup, I’m a dog…I’m a dog.” The tone of my voice changes, depending on what kind of dog it is. Like low and dopey sounding for a basset hound and higher and bouncier for a retriver. The sqvirrel pointed out recently that I do this a lot. I had never noticed. That’s probably in and of itself a weird thing.

4. In a related theme, if struck by the mood I will do a little dance in place or in a couple of feet. I think it’s usually accompanied by a little tune of my own devising (which is probably really terrible to hear since I cannot sing).

5. I really dislike Christmas. I think probably a lot of people dislike it if they are honest. So much dysfunctionality. On the other hand, I adore Halloween. I love decorating for Halloween. I love carving pumpkins (the sqvirrel got me one of these pumpkin carving power tools a couple of years ago for my birthday. LOVE IT.). I love dressing up. Next year I have A Plan for Halloween. It includes dressing up the entire family, dogs and all. I cannot wait.

6. I am not very good at staying within my societally-deemed gender role. But I don’t entirely discard it either. I looooove football (American football, but I like futbol from the rest of the world too). I also like basketball and baseball (college and professional, respectively). I love 30+ year old Land Rovers. I used to have one and liked messing about with it’s its (sin #1 I have committed! That’s the only one though) engine. I do not like diamonds and refused any kind of engagement ring (diamonds because of the evils of the diamond industry from the beginning in mining/labor/slavery issues right on through to marketing. EVIL EVIL EVIL. And the engagement ring because of the horrid proprietary-ness of it all. Ick. And anyway, engagement ring idea all bound up with the diamond industry and we already covered the evil-ness of that! Thankfully the sqvirrel agreed. He’s a peach, you knew that though, huh?). Back before I had a purse (I resisted having one for a long time, it seemed too grown up), I used to have all kinds of stuff in my pockets, like a little boy. You never knew what might come out of there. But I like pink. I don’t wear it all that much, unless it is paired with brown. Then I love it! But we’ve already covered that I love brown. I buy a lot of shoes. Imelda Marcos is my heroine in that respect, but not for her politics, and probably we have different styles of shoes. Cos I don’t to pointy heels or toes. And like lots of other women I have a lot of bags/purses/totes in which to cart around all my crap. So I’m complex, which is probably not all that weird!


  1. I hate Christmas, too, the expectations seem too high, and of course all the commercial jackhammering. I’m also squicked by diamonds, love college hoops, and resisted purses forever.

    I got a huge kick out of numbers 3 & 4, song and dance. Fun, quirky, happy little ticks… good stuff.

  2. OK, let me limit myself to six:

    1) I put grape jelly on fish.

    2) I talk to the cats, but only in Spanish.

    3) I kept hella stuffed animals and clothes and
    schoolwork from when my daughters were little.

    4) I like to talk to people, but hate small talk so
    come off as hostile around small-talkers.

    5) I walk around with really good posture to appear

    6) I hold grudges even if I can’t remember why I
    originally got mad.

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