Posted by: turtlebella | 12 February 2007

New Template for moi

Yup, new look for Slow but Steady. I dunno why. I liked the old one a lot. But every once in awhile I look to see what wordpress has going on in terms of new templates (when I started out they had very few and in order to have a custom one you have to pay). And lately I am kind of obsessed with the color brown. The flowers on this template may be a bit too girly, I’m giving it a little time, see how I feel.


  1. For what it’s worth, I didn’t even recognize them as flowers. They just registered as different colored lights to me….

  2. I like the new template. Browns are some of my favorite colors. Between all the pretty templates and the stats you mentioned in the last post, I’m starting to think I should have used WordPress instead of Blogger. Damn!

  3. Very nice! Really like it. Love how WP update templates from time to time.

  4. Girly is nice too! And they’re not PINK or anything.

  5. I like this new site!! It makes me think of M&M’s and dirt and grass. very comforting.

  6. I particularly like the green of the sidebar boxes.

  7. zingy green and lots of loam

  8. My votes in for this template, too-I love the brown in particular!

  9. I think it looks great. (I didn’t know they were flowers either until you said so. I thought they were sparkly lights of some kind. Then again, my eyes aren’t so great.)

  10. Well, you know, now that people have said those thingys in the corner look like lights…maybe it’s just me. Maybe I just see flowers everywhere…

  11. naw, I think they look like flowers!!!

  12. I thought they were lights too. Just assumed even though it’s February your Christmas lights were still up !

  13. Very interesting. And VERY different. Cool!

  14. pinche daddy- see here in great northern frozen land they put up lights for valentine’s day!!! probably other holidays too, i just haven’t been here long enough! so yeah, the lights on my blog: they are for valentine’s day!!! je-je

  15. Cool!

  16. i love it. i especially like the way my picture look with the brown backing.

  17. (!) of course, my pic doesn’t post on that last comment….

  18. I’ve seen your picture on other comments, though, luisa! Does look good. Who knows why it didn’t come up these times… pinche wordpress! :)

  19. Pretty!

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