Posted by: turtlebella | 8 February 2007

My all time most visited post?

That would be the one on the 16 de Septiembre. Yesterday it got 99 hits. Ninety-freakin’-nine!!! Apparently due to the fact that a good number of people find me by searching for a particular nation’s (the one for whom? which? 16 de Septiembre is independence day) flag. And because there is that flag (in a vague side view) next to the Virgen de Guadalupe they end up here.  That’s weird, right? I mean, I’m glad to be of service and all. But it’s kind of odd that I’m at my most popular NOW due to a post I wrote 5 MONTHS AGO! I guess that’s how google works.


  1. You are famous!!
    I hope your kitchen is ready soon meanwhile you really don’t need the kitchen to make the Chocolate Licor. The chocolate can be put in small squares and as you stir it everyday, it will become cream.

  2. Isn’t Google ridiculous sometimes? I get sooo many hits for a silly post I wrote about a dream where my teeth were falling out. It wasn’t even a good or thoughtful post, but Google loves it. Not 99 hits love though. Laura’s right… you are famous!

  3. 99?? In a day??Woah… My most popular post at Ink&Inc is ‘Naked Women = Sex’. I kinda meant it to be ironic….

  4. I can’t wait to try making the licor, Laura! yummy.

    Yeah, Nimue, I would have thought the most popular post would be the one entitled “Have sex,” but no! It’s all quite odd.

    BerryBird, that’s weird I have dreams with the recurring theme of all my teeth (or sometimes it just one tooth) falling out. They are quite disturbing dreams. But yes, google, it is most odd.

  5. My most popular post is one in which I mentioned “vegetarian pigs in a blanket”–who would have thought so many people would be looking for that incredibly simple recipe.

    Congrats on all those hits!

  6. How did you find out what your most popular post was? I’m wondering what mine is.!!(good lord I hope it’s not something like the “smell of poop” post!!)

    I’ma gonna sniff you making some of that chocolate liquor–sounds good!! :-)

  7. my most popular post has been the “pinche fronteras” one. but, then again, i block search engines (which means i get like less than 30 hits a day on average–in total, sometimes i get 4).

    but, wow, you are famous.

  8. bfp– wordpress tells me this stuff when i look at my stats. would be pretty funny if your top post was the sniffing poop one…hee hee! wordpress, it does a lot of stuff. And clearly more than I even know about since luisa is on wordpress and i didn’t know that you could block search engines. Go figure. I am so clueless, really!!! and I did love that pinche fronteras post, luisa! and now I’m just going to have look at your post about vegetarian pigs in a blanket, Aliki! But yeah, I guess it’s probably not too hard of a recipe… I also need to figure out how to change my font size in wordpress. Is anyone else trying to go blind reading my posts???? Itty bitty font size, i dunno.

  9. It’ looks like you managed that–I can read this font just swell!!

  10. i think if you press the control or apple button and then “+” button, you can increase the font on any web page.

  11. Ai-yi-yi! Weird!

    Speaking of weird, I tagged you today at no Polar Coordinates for a six weird things Meme (which you may already have done–so I won’t be offended!).

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