Posted by: turtlebella | 8 February 2007

Bullets of the random Thursday

  • Cannot be arsed to write an actual post. But lots of things swirling around in the life.
  • Had a good visit with my sister. The first day we were there she was very out of it and her breathing was very labored and rough. She vaguely knew who I was but was very excited to meet the sqvirrel (she is very male-oriented, do you know what I mean? One of these people who always perks up in the company of men and similar) – she got a big old grin on her face when he came in. But then she rapidly sunk into saying things like, “Why is the baby there?” when there wasn’t a baby anywhere. The next days though she got better and better, was aware for most of the day, and our final day actually got up and walked a bit, sat in a chair to eat, etc. And her wicked sense of humor was very much in evidence.
  • My family cannot communicate worth a damn. Turns out that this turn for the worse was due to pneumonia. Which none of the siblings and at least some of my sister’s kids did not know. (!) So the 1-2 week prognosis might have been due to the fact that many people with end stage cancer die of pneumonia. But we don’t really know. In any case, the massive dose of antibiotics seems to be working well and she is recovering from that. Where it all stands on the cancer side I don’t really know. They aren’t doing any more cancer-reducing therapy (radiation or chemo) so presumably there’s not a lot of time left.
  • My family, they either love drama or drama loves them. I don’t want to get into specifics but there was so much drama flying around that it was hard to be in the house sometimes. I tried to duck most of it and just focus on my sister. And the sqvirrel and I left the house every day just to get away from it all.
  • The little soft one is having another ultrasound today. This time they will do a biopsy so that we can determine whether it is liver cancer or hepatitis. Cancer would be worse as there is nothing they can do. But they didn’t see a tumor in the ultrasound last week, so I have faint hope. Hepatitis not really great either though. Am again spending the week trying not to cry. The little soft one, she is my treasured first dog and has been like my child these last 9 years or so.
  • Okay, on to something not so depressing. This morning on our community radio station I heard Ike and Tina Turner’s absolutely fantabulous version of “Proud Mary.” I have been heavily programmed to hate Ike for a long time, such that I haven’t really listened to their music. But damn, this is a fine, fine song.
  • Yesterday the sqvirrel and went to the local outpost of The Devil is Beating His Wife [a southern saying for when it’s raining and sunny at the same time and obviously a pseudonym; I just like making up pseudonyms, so sue me] grocery store. Okay, I know we’ve lived here for three weeks now, but when you don’t have a kitchen going to the grocery store is not a high priority, plus we have been to the Big River Co-op several times. We were shocked, shocked I tell you, to find out that you don’t have to belong to a savings club (or whatever those direct marketing schemes are called) to get the sale prices! They don’t seem to have such a thing. Shocked. And quite happily.
  • Under the category of gee, if I had some spare cash lying around, I would like to have this aerogarden thing, reviewed at Groovy Green. Garden lettuce in the middle of winter. Oh yeah.
  • Here in the great frozen northern midwest state it’s fuckin’ cold. Right now it’s 0 degrees (F). And we’ll be lucky if we reach the projected high for today, 8 degrees (F). Yeah, we chose to live here. Insane? Perhaps.
  • Reason #523 I don’t have spare cash lying around: retail therapy. While out of my sister’s house avoiding the flying drama shit I bought three hats and a purse. Because I hadn’t just spent oodles of $$ on last minute plane tickets. Because I don’t have enough of either of those things. Right. I need a closet for all the purses I own. And just now I contemplated a purse or two on What the fuck? Why is it that one can never have enough purses or hats or shoes? Is it just me? Am I just accesory-insane?


  1. I’m glad the visit with your sister went well, family drama aside. Crossing my fingers for the little soft one.

    When is the kitchen scheduled to be done?

  2. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for your sister as well–the human body AND spirit can be remarkable.

    I love accessories too–I used to have a real fetish for bags as welll; that fetish has alas been tempered by having to spend my money on, well, clothes for my kids. Sigh. But I don’t think there’s any such thing as TOO may purses!!!

  3. Thanks for the update, turtlebella. I’ve been thinking of you often.

    I actually really NEED a new purse; no, really, I NEED it. Promise. So I’m going to take this entry as a sign to go out and buy one.

  4. im glad your visit went well. your sister seems like a very strong woman.

    don’t feel guilty about accesories and never let anyone accesory-shame you! i don’t do hats but i’ve always been a little jealous of women who look good in them and if it is 0 degrees, you need to keep your head warm, right? yup.

    oh, and the little soft one! poor doggy! when my dog died, i took it very hard. my grandparents have this idea that either a dog gets better or a dog dies–they always thought we were crazy for bringing our animals to the vet. once, my dog ate a bunch of snail bait that the neighbors had around. we had to get his stomach pumped late at night. it was sooo expensive. my grandmother just shook her head.

  5. heehee (or jeejee as i like to write), petitepoussin! i hope you got a nice bag!!!!

    BerryBird- kitchen will be done at the end of march. sigh. expect more complaining!

    Aliki-See, I think I might transfer my love of accessories to kids’ clothes. Yesterday I was shopping for a soap dish in a multi-stuff kind of shop and I found TWO items of clothing for babies that I loved. But I didn’t know any babies young enough to buy them for. I stopped myself from buying them for future children of ours since a) I was there to buy a soap dish for 4 bucks not children’s clothing for 40 bucks! (I’ve got to stop with the retail therapy. The credit card debt, it is bad) and b) we haven’t even started trying to get pregnant yet, so I think it’s a bit early to start buying clothes…

    luisa- my dad felt similarly to your grandparents. he’d be horrified to know how much I spend on vet bills. I can’t help it, they are like my children.

    My sister is a strong woman! She is very funny too, in a dark sort of way. She told everyone who called her to see how she was doing that she was dying in two weeks. (only my family can’t actually say the word ‘die’ instead they say ‘leave’ or ‘go’ or conjugations thereof. most odd)

  6. I love shoes and bags (not purses per se….tote bags, etc) and I’ve passed that on to both of my daughters.

    Hey, there are worse things.

    And if I looked good in hats, I’d probably go there too.

    Prayers for your sister….

  7. Hola Turtle,
    I started to reply to your post how guys don’t do that kind of thing, shopping for purses and shoes when you already got hella purses and shoes, when I thought how many Raider beanies and hats are cluttering up my house. And I’m sure to buy more.

    era preocupada en ti y tuyos, estoy feliz que cosas estan mejor.

    8 degrees is not a high. If there’s not gonna be a high they should just say so, que no ? Just be upfront and say there’s not gonna be a high today, not gonna be a high for several months. Give a morning low and an evening low.

  8. revdrmom- You know I don’t actually like the word “purse” and yeah, the bag I bought, it’s more of a multi-pocketed bag than a purse. Most importantly it has a little pouch for my cell phone. Cos before the cell phone would ring (not a common occurrence in and of itself) and I would frantically scrabble around among all the various flim, flam, flotsam, and jetsam that lives in my purse and end up not actually getting to the phone in time. So you know, buying this bag has improved that! That’s my story, I’m sticken to it!

    Pinche Daddy- You are so funny. Why is it you don’t have a blog. Cos I could use the humor therapy. Y gracias por todos los good thoughts (excuse me while I butcher my mother tongue. ay) I should have realized before that you were a Raider fan. I am going to forget that for now (since I am a Bronco fan, I should just hate you on principle!) But I can’t hate you!!!! :)

  9. Hi Turtle,
    we can agree to disagree on the Broncos ! I actually picked them to win the SB this year. I think Cutler is the best young QB in the league, if you guys defense can play like they did the first half of the season and replace that poor defensive back…….I don’t like Manning he’s a big Repub contributor so I’m kinda aguitado about football these days ! Plus my team sucks.

    I’ve done the vet bill thing too with my kids. No, not that I took them to the vet-their pets ! It does run into hella feria but you got to do it.

    Ten cuidado from Pinche Daddy

  10. turtle that’s so great to hear that your visit with your sister went well, I’m glad she got to meet sqvirrel! (and man, I can NEVER spell his name right!!! :p)

    I think you’re family and my family are related some how. I’m feeling for you in that area–just know that it never gets any better, but you still love them some how. Family are only there to torture you and let you see, finally, how amazingly strong your ability to love is.

    I agree, pinche daddy needs to get a damn blog! He’s the best pinche commentor out there–now he has to be the best pinche blogger!!!

  11. Gracias mi hijas,
    One of these days I’ll have to figure it out ! I could call it ” PInche Daddy-an Opinionated Viejo-Y Que ? “.

  12. I love the blog name, Pinche Daddy! Opinionated viejo…je-je! If you can do comments, you can do the blogging.

    Yeah, familia are very um challenging. But I do love them.

  13. Boy those lack of communication issues can be such a drag (we have them here, too!)

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