Posted by: turtlebella | 29 January 2007

My (still) life

Moving sucks up a lot of psychic space. So photos and some commentary will have to suffice as a post for now.


In our bathroom. This is the only room with running water. Leading to this…uh…interesting combination of bathroom and kitchen items.


Light and shadows in our bedroom.


Meant to be a grocery bag. But for now, because we have no shower or bath, this bag takes all our showering stuff to Mami Deer’s house every few days. For most of the past two weeks we have become one with our bodily dirt! We recognize that Americans, in general, are too fond of taking showers every day. But it will be nice to have our own shower and bath.


Current what the outside of our bathroom looks like- big old barrier, with this written on it. Perhaps that’s good though. Otherwise I might get confused in the middle of the night and try to ‘go’ there…


No joke. It’s really cold here.


I insisted on moving all of my house plants. More than half of them totally died en route. But these little aloe plants made it, thank goodness. I need my medicinal aloe; I’m just too clumsy in the kitchen and am always burning myself! Anyway, that point is moot at the moment, since we have no kitchen. Sob.



  1. oooo, i want an aloe plant. it’s pretty too.

    i have one of those plastic thingies on my toothpaste, they are very useful.

    im sorry you are in the cold. i can’t take cold weather. us mexicans arn’t used to that stuff. what is up with the barrier?

  2. Oh dear. Hang in there, it will all be a memory pretty soon!

  3. Aloe Vera is used for many illnesses. I have an uncle who have several plants at home.
    I hope you have your bath and own shower soon. Also the kitchen, so that you can make some Portuguese recipes. Hang in there.

  4. Aloe plants are the best- pretty AND medicinal. I’m going to have to look into other uses besides for burns since Laura mentions it. I can’t wait to start making Portuguese recipes again in my new kitchen. Which will have a gas stove like the one I had in the Casa Pequena, when I lived in Portugal. My last stove? Not only electric but also more than half of the burners wouldn’t work half-way through the cooking!

    The barrier to the bathroom is because tile is being set in there. So they don’t want us to walk on it and at this point I am having actual nightmares that something will go wrong and the tile will have to be ripped up and started all over again. Keep your fingers crossed…

  5. oh, it’s not good when you start having tile nightmares. beautiful pictures!

  6. god lord woman, what’s up with this freaking living space????? house from hell anybody????? Well, I was gonna say what gigglygirl said too–beautiful pictures–even if the living space sucks, at least you can take beautiful romantic pictures to remember it by.

  7. Interesting photos. I know what you mean about moving.

    Not sure if I mentioned that I tagged you on no polar coordiantes for a 6-weird-things-about-me Meme, but boy it seems like you have too much going on in your life to worry about such nonsense. Sorry.


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