Posted by: turtlebella | 21 January 2007

Eating without a kitchen

She didn’t mean this to be a meme, but well, I’ve never been above stealing other people’s ideas! And I am totally without ideas. Apparently moving, unpacking, and living in a house with no full bathroom and no kitchen just sucks out all your originality (at least that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!). Phantom posted today about what the Scribbler-Blues have eaten today.

So, in the turtlebella-sqvirrel house we’ve had… (Remember, we don’t have a kitchen! But we did hook up the microwave oven today! And we bought a dorm fridge a few days ago)

turtlebella: One banana, two thingys of string cheese (these are totally not!), one small container of Asian Sesame Noodles (from the deli section our new co-op, pseudonymously called Big River Market), banana-strawberry-soy milk smootie (also from Big River Market), and one Pepin Heights sparkling apple cider (one of my very new favorites, just had one for the first time at Mami Deer’s house yesterday).

the sqvirrel: One banana, several cups of coffee, chicken tamale pie (from the Big River Market), one locally-brewed beer, Boorish Beer (not it’s real name), in a can! This is the new trend in microbreweries. Chips and salsa.

little soft head (pug dog #1): half a cup of boiled hamburger meat. She’s been ill with irritable bowel syndrome (nice, huh?) and so she gets to eat yummy (yet bland) meat. Yesterday she didn’t eat anything for breakfast and so I am greatly relieved that she’s eating today. She’s down to 10.09lbs and she supposed to be 14-15lbs. Also, steroids and anti-diarrheal meds in cheese.

Bartleby (pug dog #2): 6 pieces of T/D regular bites. She’s on a diet but this isn’t as little as it sounds. Each bite is an inch in diameter. Plus she ate any little bits of hamburger that were left in her sister’s bowl.

The Big White (hound dog): 1 cup of lamb & rice kibble plus 3 T/D regular bites. Had to be vigorously persuaded to eat all of it. He has been quite the picky eater in the past, but I had cured of him of it. But with the move, the picky-ness, it is back.

In other food-related news…

  • We discovered a take-out ribs place called Willie’s Extasy Ribs (also a pseudonym) 2 blocks from our house. Yee-Haw!
  • Also on that block is a mom-and-pop corner market (we feel very urban now! Yay!) which we’ve already been to,
  • and Lion’s Chow Mein, also already visited. Chow mein is pretty big here, according to gigglygirl. As are cream cheese wontons, which I thought sounded terrible but are terribly yummy! And Lion’s has a great all-you-can-eat lunch (where the buffet comes to your table as the large bowls of food are ready) at 5 bucks. To top it off their decor is 70s dive since it’s been around for circa 30 years.
  • Slightly farther away but still in Up Above Big River (our neighborhood) is one of the Gemini Cities’ best bakeries. Where a fresh loaf will set you back all of $2.25! Actually, the sqvirrel paid $2 for our first loaf (rosemary french bread) because they didn’t have any change. Shades of living in Europe where fresh bread is cheap and not at all like most American bakeries. At the other best local chain bakery a loaf of french bread is about $5.
  • We also found fresh tortilla chips at Big River Market co-op (which is in fancy pants neighborhood) but which are made at a tortilleria in our neighborhood. We haven’t visited it yet but we hope they have retail at the tortilleria itself. Very exciting.


  1. I’m glad you’re on the other side of the move!

    Did I miss something? Why is there no kitchen?!

  2. Aliki, no you didn’t miss anything cos I haven’t blogged about it yet! There’s no kitchen because ours is being renovated. More soon…

  3. In the scheme of things, I’m glad that I’ve learned to make my own bread and tortillas. But it would have been more than OK with me if I’d had a good, cheap bakery and a tortilleria in the neighborhood instead. Teh yum without teh effort! Rosemary bread!

  4. Ha! Now I know where you live. ‘Tis the major city of my Midwest. If I ever get back in the area, I’ll let you know. The giveaway was the Pepin Heights apple cider – I grew up going there every fall to get apples on the way to visit my grandma.

  5. sciencewoman– heehee! I neglected to see if the cider was local, I’d assumed not. In any case, the code is rather breakable and mostly I like to come up with goofy names! :)

    phantom- If only I were so talented at the baking!!!

  6. what’s a T/D regular bite?

  7. yeah,

    im moving at the end of the week. so i don’t want to buy anything (it will go bad! plus, they are showing my apt. so i can’t really have dishes in the sink) so i know the whole no kitchen deal. :(

    “As are cream cheese wontons, which I thought sounded terrible but are terribly yummy!”

    i love cream cheese wontons! they are also good when they are crab meat and cream cheese. i know, sounds gross but also yummy.

    oh and your poor doggy. i love doggies and hate HATE thinking of animals in pain or sick. i hope he gets better.

  8. Hola Turtle, I was en su barrio and decided to drop by ! Wow, your refrigerator sounds like mine did when I was young, now it’s that same stuff plus the usual parent type of stuff. My kids moved out the tail end of 2005 but I still keep the refrigerator stocked. Reminds me of them being home maybe ?

    I noticed when I moved here that there were boxes of stuff from two moves ago still not unpacked that had never been missed so I finally threw them out. I still save some of my kids clothes and stuffed animals from when they were little. When I was married their mother would throw stuff out and I’d bring it back.

    The rosemary french bread sounds good. Take good care of those perros.
    Pinche Daddy

  9. Yeah, Pinche Daddy, we had boxes that were unpacked from our last move: very bad! And clearly don’t need the stuff in there. The worst is my friend Record Boy, who told me he once packed dirty dishes and then didn’t unpack them until his next move. EEEWWWW. They had to go straight in the trash,

    Luisa, I hate having apartment being shown when you are trying to pack. Cos it’s very hard to be ‘neat’ when packing. Hope the move is going okay.

  10. wait, are we talking about my record boy? did he tell you this? if so, oh no! i’ll file that in the category of using grocery bags as luggage when packing for a trip!

  11. Yes, gigglygirl, I am afraid I am talking about **your** very own record boy (can’t decide if I want his name capitalized or not): he told me this story when you were in the bathroom. Probably you are not supposed to know it. He used grocery bags for luggage. Well, at least he’s unique and different and quirky! I guess?

  12. Turtle sabes que, I’m a grocery bags for luggagero too. Must be a guy thing. Speaking of dirty dishes, my tia Inez would sometimes hide them under the bed when they became too overwhelming. She did this for a long time then forgot, only discovered it when it finally got vacuumed under the bed.
    Moral of the story is , don’t hide dirty dishes under the bed. Either pack them or wash them.

  13. I was about to get all celebratory about cream cheese wontons, but I see luisa beat me to it. so true about the crab meat/cream cheese combo. in fact, I love imitation crab meat so much I eat it by itself as a snack. I also loudly second the string cheese. that’s my jam!

    (sorry, hungry)

  14. Pinche Daddy: I am dying from giggling!!! That’s too funny. Eres muy chistoso.

    petitpoussin: Jeez, am I the last person on earth to find out about the creamcheese wontons or what? I thought they were totally a frozen northern state thing. hmmm, and I think I saw some more string cheese lurking in smallest refrig. ever, should go get some. Am needing comfort food right now…

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