Posted by: turtlebella | 12 January 2007


In lieu of actual posting and because I am supposed to be packing, here are some blogs, news-sites and such that I have found interesting over the past couple of weeks. I don’t read a lot of blogs, but there has still been enough that I can barely keep up. Since I have a rather schizophrenic blog-reading personality, hopefully some of these will be!

  • Global environment change and what would happen if humans disappeared tomorrow. (Groovy Green, based on New Scientist article.)
  • On a related note, Forbes Magazine on the opinion that global warming is GOOD. Whack jobs. More than that, just plain dangerous. Let me remind myself, why is it that I hate rampant capitalism. I’ve been meaning to write a lengthy entry about global warming, since I recently found out that a good friend of the sqvirrel’s is a human-caused global warming denier. Which I find horrifying. But, no time!
  • Undocumented immigrant teens, who just happen to be brilliant, are denied college educations. (SMASH! goes that stereotype of lazy, stupid mezzicans but hell, they don’t get anything for their brilliance. And so SMASH! goes the myth that if you are smart and work hard and pull yourself up by your own damn bootstraps you can get ahead in this country) And so the hideously misguided immigrant policy of this country marches on. This is a year-old story. But for all that it’s still pretty upsetting. And I’m afraid it will only get worse, new congress or no. No one, no matter how brilliant or not brilliant, should have this happen to them.
  • In other brown people news, we have this game. Can’t even begin to say how fucked up this.
  • In our category of most entertaining video comes The Nicholas Brothers over at my blog hermana BrownFemiPower’s (aka Women of Color Blog).
  • Scientist angst is raging over at Young Female Scientist. I say, run! run! If you are here wondering if you should go to grad school and be an illustrious, brilliant scientist and yet a kind and balance and sane person: tread with extreme caution.
  • Discussion about “Ashley Treatment” ( from Women of Color Blog). Note – this is the discussion that I participated in and, because it’s on BrownFemiPower’s blog, the perspective is that of radical women of color feminists. But there are others, here and here and here with different viewpoints and/or perspectives. It’s a complicated issue. It is doubtless that her parents ‘only’ want what they think is best for their child. But given history and the sexism, bigotry about and misunderstanding of disabled people, and widespread violence against women that is unfortunately part of our society, I think the whole thing is wrong, medical ethicists be damned.
  • A downright lyrical meditation on the power of memory, from Aliki. So poetic and beautiful it made me want to weep. And go to Thessaloniki, Greece. Which is on our list anyway!
  • Do you see the world through a white lens? From my bloggy hermano Nezua, the unapologetic mexican. Powerful stuff, and man, Nezua can write. (He’s also been nominated for Koufax awards. As has been BrownFemiPower. They rock! And I am honored to call them my herman@s.)
  • A cool new PBS series  started airing tonight last night: Edens Lost and Found. The first episode is on Los Angeles. The trailer features a Latin@ community! And Jimmy Smits as the narrator (who is as hot as ever. Wait that’s not relevant)!, environmentalism: it’s not just for white people. This is about making our communities sustainable, livable. And it seems to be from a grass-roots perspective (I mean that in a real, meaningful sense, not a politician’s ‘this campaign is grass-roots!’ way). Check out future episodes or re-runs.
  • Ask a Chican@! What does ‘pinche’ mean? Funniest damn conversation between a mami and her hija I’ve read in a long time.
  • Bookworm and Melissa conclude that Susan Cooper’s new book does not achieve the greatness of her Dark is Rising series. Sob.
  • Out of the mouth of babes: comes brilliance (from Phantom Scribbler).
  • It’s snowing somewhere, at least. Thank writing as jo(e) for a lovely (if lazy!) photo, reminding us what it looks like and for, as always, making life into poetry.

That’s all for a few days. Internet is off starting on Saturday. We move Monday-Tuesday. And hopefully we will soon thereafter get internet at the new house in Pig’s Eye Landing city! Ciao, bellas.



  1. Happy moving day!

    Hope all goes well…

  2. Hope the move progressed well!

  3. I’m assuming since you posted over at my blog, that the move has gone well, and the computer is up and running. Glad to have you back!

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