Posted by: turtlebella | 5 January 2007

Great, something else to worry about

I saw this at New Kid‘s and since when did I see a personality test that I didn’t take??? The part that really annoys me? I’m apparently not amusing! And it’s funny, because I used to ask an ex all the time, “Am I neurotic?” and he would answer, “Yes, but in a charming, amusing way.” I think perhaps I’ll stick with that! And in fact, my pencils ARE covered in bite marks. And in packing all my books up I am convinced that this time upon unpacking I really.really will organize them by genre and then perhaps alphabetically. So, basically, except for the ‘socially nervous’ (I generally dislike big parties yes, but mostly because I hate small talk) part, this quiz, it’s crap.

The Subtle Neurotic
You scored 57 anxiety, 83 awkwardness, and 41 neuroticism!
You have all the makings of neuroticism without any of the amusing trappings–you are The Subtle Neurotic! Plagued by doubt, fears, and worries, you are much more likely to have a quiet existential crisis off on your own than to bite your fingernails. You worry a lot over social situations, but take heart–chances are, you’re not nearly as awkward as you feel you are. The best advice I can give you? Confide your worries in someone–no matter how irrational they seem. You’re far too likely to keep everything bottled up. Your high anxiety score implies that you are unable to relax, worry about the future often, and probably are plagued by irrational fears and self-doubt.Your high awkwardness score implies that you are socially nervous, probably have difficulty with conversation, and perhaps feel uncomfortable in large groups of people, such as at parties.

Your low neuroticism score implies that you don’t exhibit subtle neurotic behaviors–your nails are probably an acceptable length, your pencils aren’t covered with bite marks, and your bookcase isn’t arranged alphabetically by genre. Congrats!


Link: The Neurotic Test written by littlelostsnail on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test


  1. well, I think it sucks, too, as it told me I’m a dork (not so anxious, not so neurotic, but awkward: but the reason I”m awkward is neurotic, in my view). Oh well.

    I moved offices in late summer and my books are a mess. Perhaps we can form a mutual aid society for book-organising?!?

  2. I love the test! And I’m glad you’re back, BTW–even if I was slow to notice!

  3. i scored as a “true neurotic”–haha, i’m crazier than yoooouuuu!


  4. It told me I’m not neurotic at all, so I think it’s defective. I used to go around after Mr. S did the dishes and put everything away a second time. THAT wooden spoon goes in the OTHER jar! The plates aren’t aligned!

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