Posted by: turtlebella | 3 January 2007

I hate books*

I don’t, really. I just hate packing them. But OH.MY.GOD we have a lot of books. Why oh why must we be “book people?!” There are books from college that I can’t seem to part with although I really doubt that I’ll ever again read Liberalism (Concepts in Social Thoughts) from the class in Contemporary Political Theory that kicked my ass the last year of college. There’s all the Ibsen and Chekov from the class in Modern Drama that I adored. And greek dramas from both high school and college (back when I thought Classics might be in my destiny, instead I just married a classicist, much easier!). Just about every and any novel written by a Latina, and more than a few by Latinos, and several non-fiction works by both as long as their name isn’t Richard Rodriguez (sorry, but he makes me really angry). All of Carol Shields’ novels. And almost all of Margaret Atwood’s. Many, many books by women of color in my phase of only reading fiction by WOC. Lest you are coming to believe I am so kind of intellectual there’s also every mystery written by Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels and many of those written by Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie Brown, these my comfort books, almost as good as a bowl of the sqvirrel’s pasta sauce and pasta! Plus about a million other random novels that I

And these, my friends, are just MY books. The sqvirrel is just as much of a book person as I am, even if he doesn’t read quite as much as I do! Classicists, they love books. He just got vol 1-6 of Gibbons’ The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire for Christmas for god’s sake. And he reads a lot of non-fiction. I am coming to believe that the average non-fiction book is longer, bigger than the average novel.

It’s a giant pain in my lower back to pack all these up. We move in 12 days and so all of our stuff needs to be packed up in boxes, etc. by then. And so all the books, into boxes they must go. or some reason, I have appointed myself primo book-packer. Because it’s ‘easy.’ Right.

*If you have, by chance, googled ‘i hate books’ a pox on you. You will not find a kindred spirit here.


  1. When we moved last time it was 37 boxes that were exclusively books. I mostly used liquor boxes, because they are strong and small enough to lift once jammed full of tomes. Then there were the boxes of miscellany that invariably contained random books as well. I feel your pain.

  2. ugg, moving! I am moving at the end of the months as well and I have not done anything to prepare. i just push it to the back of my mind…

  3. Sara, 37 boxes! Ay! That is a lot! Liquor boxes also feature prominently around here…

    Denial very powerful, luisa! I did the same thing, since we couldn’t possibly start packing before christams!!!

  4. Oooooof. And ugh, too.

    We use plastic-pipette boxes: just the right size for a row of paperbacks.

    I used to think we had a lot of books- because I can’t get RID of them! – until I helped my friends M and B, both English PhDs, pack. 143 boxes of books. All labeled and indexed.

  5. Just be glad you’re not moving not overseas… (unless you are, and I missed that post.) We helped another faculty member move in (they came from Scotland); they had 100 boxes of books. In fact, most of their shipping container was books. Very tidily packed, too.

    When we move, hubby is the book packer. And unpacker. And there are a lot of books. Fiction books, kids books, office books. Though I tend to purge whenever we move, so it’s been pared down over the years. Now that we’ve bought a house and aren’t moving for a while, just think of what it’ll be next time…


    Pain in the back, indeed.

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