Posted by: turtlebella | 14 December 2006

Having children for all the wrong reasons

File this one under the ‘turtlebella is a whacko’ file, like my strategy for eating Grape Nuts. Today I found myself on the eight3one store that sells through And I completely fell in love with the clothes.  My reaction was that I had to have kids right away so that I could put them in those clothes!

Now you might be able to tell – either from reading various parts of this blog or from my comments on other blogs or because you know me – that I’m not a really big fan of capitalism.  So generally I feel very conflicted at Christmas time.  When I become this rabid consumer of capitalism. I love buying stuff for my friends and family (okay, the stuff I buy tends to be on the quirky, handmade side. But still, it’s not like I barter for it or something truly alternative). And this spilled over today into almost buying stuff for children I don’t even have yet.  It’s a little depressing, recognizing this side of me.  One year I decided that instead of buying things I should adopt panda babies or give flocks of geese in honor of the people I love. But you know what? It just wasn’t as fun.

I guess at this point I comfort myself with the rather glib saying in which I switch capitalism in for democracy… Capitalism is the worst economic system, except for all the others.



  1. That big beetle onesie is especially darling.

  2. Well, I saw a kid in shearling boots with pom-poms the other day, and I suddenly wanted both a kid and stupid clothes to dress them in, so you’re not alone!

    I’ve been growing plants for presents. At least it’s minimally capitalist. Or something. Was thinking of the baby panda/ cow/ chicken/ seed loan thing, but yeah, it doesn’t seem nearly as entertaining.

  3. awww. i love cute baby clothes. i buy my nefew far too many things just because they are tooo cute. i wish i could sew my own clothing but i lack all creative talents whatsoever.

  4. I love cute baby clothes and kid clothes too! I was shopping last night for grandchildren. The clothes are much cuter–AND SOFTER–than they were when my kids were little.

  5. I always like to buy cute baby dresses, i have a one year old nephew i buy these beautiful and cute dresses for him.

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