Posted by: turtlebella | 29 November 2006

The ‘real’ truth

So, all the below were TRUE except for #1, #7, and parts of #9.

#1: Mami Deer’s guest bed is quite small – for us – and we had many middle of the night conversations like this:

the sqvirrel (precariously perched on the precipice between bed and floor): Honey? Can you move over?

turtlebella (very sleepy): mmpffhmm? huh?

the sqvirrel (plaintively): You are hogging the bed.

turtlebella (schooching over): But I don’t have any room either…

the sqvirrel (gesturing to a row of flowers on the bottom sheet): the mid-point of the bed is HERE.

turtlebella (in horror): Sorry, the sqvirrel. I AM a bed hog!

Result: both of us sleep badly and the sqvirrel’s bed-induced bad back expresses itself every night.

#2: Osito is like the best baby in the world. He rarely cries. Gigglygirl calls him “Zen Baby,” he’s so laid-back. He was happy to play with whatever toy we handed him. Although his favorite toys are the stereo (he likes to turn the volume UP UP UP and to peer into the speakers, trying to work out how the music gets IN there) and the water-bottle-with-pennies. He seems as happy to sit on the laps of people less known to him as he does on Bear’s (his dad) and Mami Deer’s (his abuelita), except when he wants to take a nap, then he reaches for his dad- too sweet.

My brother of course doesn’t deserve this as he was a very difficult baby according to Mami Deer. Not even I was such a good baby (tagline for baby/child turtlebella: “…when she was good, she was very very good; when she was bad, she was HORRIBLE!” Literally my tagline. Repeated to me at many intervals throughout my childhood).

#9 Phantom was right. Being biased, none of us think that my ex-sister-in-law has really traded up. Although when they were married my brother was not exactly functional in any sense of the word. We are all hoping that now that Bear is working out a lot of his issues (having a child precipitated most of this work), he will find a someone a tad more stable himself. He’s not with the mom of Osito – another entirely dysfunctional, high-drama relationship if there ever was one. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you the story, it’s straight out of a soap opera.

#15 I am deeply deeply grateful to the travel gods. I think I should pour some libations for them somewhere or other. Tossing wine in the air doesn’t seem like a really great idea though…



  1. Yeah, if only #1 had been true, and if only it were going to be true for our trip over Xmas….


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