Posted by: turtlebella | 29 November 2006

Personality tests

I can’t really resist personality tests. Even though when I am taking them I get really annoyed because none of the answers I am to pick from are really “me.”  And because I think tests are generally crap at capturing the complexity of who one “is.”  Nevertheless, I still love taking them.  This Thanksgiving Mami Deer showed us a book called The Color Code that uses the Hartman personality test to assign people one of four colors (should for some bizarre reason you know about this, I’m a blue with hints of white, the sqvirrel is white with some blue…Mami Deer = blue…gigglygirl = all blue…Bear = white).   But I’m not really blogging about the Color Code.

What I am blogging about – I was looking for the Color Code’s website and I ran across another personality test that asks you to choose which of the color/shape combinations you like the best.  Becuase I am deeply indecisive I choose three of them.  Here’s what they had to say about me:

Introverted Personality Style

Low Sensation Seeking

Low Social Motivation (icon that goes with this one below. Hello?! There was no way I wan’t going to choose this one, despite the fact that the turtle is a bizarre combination of land and sea turtles…)

Man, this test makes me sound like a veritable barrel of fun.



  1. I chose the “low sensation seeking” one… they need to work on the names of these things. Just reading the title makes me kinda depressed…

  2. I know, and that picture was the prettiest! ‘scuse me for having taste is what I say!

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