Posted by: turtlebella | 28 November 2006

The truth about Thanksgiving

We just got back from my Mami Deer’s house and our almost week-long Thanksgiving break. Although my mom has wireless and a brand new laptop that, you know, actually stays together without props, I didn’t find the time to do any blogging. BUT, now that I am home and supposed to be working…well, I find myself with plenty of time…um, yeah.

Don’t know if this was supposed to be a meme but I liked it. As seen at Phantom‘s but Fringes originally started the game. You are supposed to guess which of the following statements about my Thanksgiving “vacation” are true and which are false.

  1. The sqvirrel and I slept in a beautiful, large bed that allowed us to spread out all our long limbs, giving us the best sleep of our together lives.
  2. At Thanksgiving dinner my mother (Mami Deer) told a non-family member that her eating habits may be without logic.
  3. Several people inquired how married life was treating me.
  4. We had a 19-lb turkey for five people.
  5. Mami Deer did not make any comments about my weight.
  6. During a shopping trip for new furniture, the sqvirrel and I discovered that we have an affinity for very-expensive-Italian-designer-made-in-Milan sofas.
  7. My nephew, Osito (Bear’s son), cried at the top of his lungs the entire time he was at Mami Deer’s house, was not at all interested in any of the toys (store bought or the water-bottle-with-pennies), and did not enjoy being passed between family members and friends.
  8. During one of several family photographs for christmas photo, the aforementioned water-bottle-with-pennies scared the living daylights out of Mami Deer’s younger pug dog even though it was being used to make Osito smile. Bear repeatedly ignored Mami Deer’s requests that he not shake water-bottle-with-pennies, bringing her to the precarious edge of the delicate balance between love for her dog and her grandson.
  9. My ex-sister-in-law called Bear (her ex-husband) several several times to recount the downs and downs of her new relationship with an alcoholic, dysfunctional boyfriend. Family remains divided on the question of whether she has traded up.
  10. I clutch the sqvirrel in fright several times during a production of The Christmas Carol.
  11. Mami Deer becomes upset when I mention she drives slower than she used to. She doesn’t seem mollified when I say that this is a good thing.
  12. The sqvirrel, gigglygirl, Bear, and I get almost hopelessly lost on several occasions. Once in two cars. I persist in calling “being lost” “on an adventure.” The sqvirrel is not convinced.
  13. The sqvirrel, gigglygirl, recordboy (gigglygirl’s honey), the Bear, and I have dim sum, for dinner.
  14. As a family we have a discussion of the difference between El Nino, global warming, and whack-o warm weather in land of many lakes and one Big River.
  15. As a personal bithday present to me, the travel gods make our flight home yesterday almost pleasant and definitely without delays or other hiccups, lost luggage, etc. I am shocked since all previous evidence suggested that the travel gods hate every fibre of my being with a vengence that is, frankly, astounding. You know, for travel gods.


  1. Well, obviously I know the answers, so I’ll withhold (withold?) comment until your loyal readers have had a chance to guess…

  2. I find it odd how I transitioned from past tense to present tense in this list. Must edit, I guess…

    Is there some linguistic theory about words like withhold? Like, is there a change over time from things like withhold to things like withold?

  3. If it’s the George C. Scott version of Christmas Carol, then I’ll say true to clutching S in fright!

  4. Well, guessing at random: 15 (because I’m envious) and 2 (because it’s a bit odd).

    I don’t know personally about withholding, but I’m reminded that Noah Webster did have a deal to do with getting rid of spare letters, back in the day. What we need is a modern-day Academie to standardize all those darn kids who don’t spell!

  5. I’m hoping that #5 is true, but suspecting that it is false.

    #4 seems false because there are way more than 5 people floating around this post.

    The truth of #9 seems dependent on whether or not your family thinks Bear is worse than an alcoholic, dysfunctional guy. Hmmm. False?

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