Posted by: turtlebella | 20 November 2006

Manuscript #1: Done

Just checking in! So many times over the last few weeks I’ve thought, “I should blog about this!” Of course, I can’t remember what any of those things are now.  But I have missed blogging and all youse guys who read my musings and rantings.

Sister doing about the same. Chemo has reduced size of the tumor in her esophagus but still difficult to breathe sometimes. Hospice is there during the day and she refuses to have a night-time nurse. She seems to be hanging in there. All this on top of a major family drama that involves her but no one wants to tell her about. Lovely. My family is just lovely, let me tell you.

One of the manuscripts I’ve been working on is finished. Another one or two to go but this one being out there is a big load off my mind. That is, until the reviews come back on it but the journal we’ve sent it to is notoriously slow so I have several months of breathing space. Which is why I was allowed (permission solely granted by me) to post!

Slowly getting there. But after all, my nickname is not the Hare.


  1. Thanks for the update, Turtlebella, it’s good to hear how things are in your world. What a relief to get that manuscript out.

  2. Hooray for getting the manuscript out! And sorry about the family drama. They always happen at the best times, no?

    We miss you out here!

  3. Drama and manuscripts–wow. There’s just no good time for such family behavior.

    Good for you on getting that manuscript done!

  4. wow hermana–you got some shit on your hands. if it helps you feel better, some of the worst times of my life have happened in the middle of family crisis’–not because of the actual crisis, but because of the family’s reaction to the crisis–pure misery. you’re not alone!!

    holding your cyber hand right now, with much love–


  5. Congrats on getting the manuscript out in the midst of everything else. And I’m glad that the chemo is helping your sister – now if it could just shrink the family drama. Hugs!

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