Posted by: turtlebella | 27 October 2006

Random bullets of a rainy Friday

  • Admittedly, I know nothing or next to nothing about this (when did that stop me from having an opinion on just about anything?!) but I just read that

Mr. Hevesi [NY comptroller who is running for re-election] admitted he had once again been using government cars to  chauffeur his wife, apologized repeatedly and agreed to repay the state almost $83,000. NYTimes editorial

How do you spend $83,000 on a car? Did they buy a new one? I mean it costs $592.04 in fuel costs to drive roundtrip Albany-San Francisco.  I guess maybe there’s a driver’s salary in there?

  • I just had a mini-meltdown of the academic type. During a literature search for this paper I am writing I ran across the paper of an undergraduate colleague of mine. This published paper came out of her dissertation. And I got really upset. It’s hard to explain why. She’s a really nice person and she’s done good work. I don’t begrudge her the publication. But none of my dissertation is out yet! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. It’s not for lack of trying. “Just” that reviewers think my work is a) really important but b) deeply flawed. So all my dissertation papers are in endless revision mode. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. On top of which, back when we were in undergraduate school I know that if given a choice for who would be successful in academia our professors would have chosen me and not her. Which means I haven’t lived up to my potential. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. And now I feel bad for being so bitchy and feeling jealous that her work is out and mine isnt. Perhaps I should rename this post “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.”
  • While I try to be pretty ecologically aware in my life I cannot seem to use ecologically-approved toilet paper. I need that ultra-sort, ultra-white toilet paper.* I can’t be perfect, I figure. However. Last night I replaced the toilet paper with a new roll. This morning when I walked in the bathroom the sight of the this incredibly large, incredibly white roll of toilet paper practically made me jump out of my skin. This roll of toilet paper is really.really large. Turns out I bought some kind of ultra-roll of cushy toilet paper. I am a bad person. I am going to the special hell reserved for people who talk at the theatre.**
  • I hate that it’s been raining for two days. Makes the days gloomy. Which is aesthetically unpleasant to me. However, there is an aesthetic benefit to the rain. In that it sticks all the fallen leaves to the ground where they fall. This creates a lovely mosaic of colors on the sidewalk, the road, my car, the lawn, any other surface. Quite beautiful. Makes me wish I was a photographer so I could capture that beauty.
  • Sign 3,210,988 that I am crazy as a loon: lately I cannot eat my daily breakfast of yoghurt with Grape Nuts without first sifting the Grape Nuts to remove the very small particles of Grape Nuts. I regard these as contaminants that disrupt the texture balance between smooth yoghurt and gritty Grape Nuts. In addition, the precise ratio of yoghurt to Grape Nuts is a very precise subtle thing. But it’s also an art such that no one but me can do it since it’s a visual calculation rather than, you know, measuring out X grams of Grape Nuts and X grams of yoghurt. Which I could do since I have a kitchen scale. (LOVE the kitchen scale, but not for this) All of this means that making my breakfast is quite the ordeal. And it means that only I can make my breakfast, the sqvirrel is much too afraid.

*Added to this is that the sqvirrel loathes this kind of toilet paper. He only likes the kind that I regard as one step away from newspaper. So we have to buy separate toilet paper! Thankfully, he is male. So it’s slightly better.

**A quote from the most wonderful Firefly. Sigh. I miss Firefly.


  1. I’m afraid me and W* have the same issues with toothpaste. I literally gag and come very near to vomitting when I brush my teeth with “normal” toothpaste–the super sweet sugary colgate kind?? vomit. blech.

    but he hates hates hates the 10.00$ organic kind–he says it doesn’t make his little mouth feel nice and clean. I think he’s a bit crazy myself, but, whatever. we have to buy two types of toothpaste too.

    men are such crybabies some times.


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