Posted by: turtlebella | 23 October 2006

The early 90s comes to haunt*

Last night I had on-going dreams** that were peopled almost entirely with the cast of 90210.  Including minor characters like the rich blonde girl’s (okay, I know there were kind of a lot of rich blonde girls, the one who is not Tori Spelling is the one I mean) mother.  And I think I even made up some characters who were not actually in the show but could have been.  How sick is that?  And do I need the early 90s to come back and populate my sleeping mind?  Certainly not!

*Just in time for Halloween. I loooove Halloween!  Maybe this is a sign that I should go as Brenda.  Or Tori Spelling’s character? Or what’s his name the rich dude with the Porsche?

**What I mean by on-going dreams: dreams that are related to each other and which continue after various awakening interruptions.  So that the dream never ends, just sort of keeps on going…and going…



  1. I don’t know if I can handle a 90210 theme for Halloween… not having ever seen the show and all….

  2. Don’t worry, sqvirrel, I would never inflict that on you!

  3. Kelly… the other rich blonde girl. But if you were going to pick a character to go as, yeah, Brenda all the way.

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