Posted by: turtlebella | 23 October 2006

8 things most beautiful

Oh! Oh! Oh! A very.serious.and.very.poetic.blogger (Nezua, yeah, that’s you!) who I just adore has tagged me for a meme! Even though he never does ’em, except when he does! hee hee. Okay, so the point is to post 8 things I find beautiful or amazing. Annoyingly, I think jo(e) has all of those images, ones that she took this autumn. AND the woman can write! So annoying. But I will endeavor to find other amazing, beautiful images.

1. This stands in for all those instances of beauty I find in the natural world. I took this out of my car window on my road in Portugal. Love Portugal. I love butterflies. And I love scabious (the flower), which is an unbeatiful name for a beautiful plant.


2. The architecture and colors of the most modest houses in Portugal never fail to slay me. This was on a tiny ‘street’ (if a vertical staircase in the middle of the old city, Porto can be called a street), out of nowhere, beauty.


Next are my political type images that I find amazing and/or beautiful…

3. I’m sorry but is thee anything more amazing or beautiful than a woman, mother, and worker standing up for her rights?


4. Vintage UFW march. These were the days that police beat the marchers. And they got up the next day and marched again. That’s freakin’ amazing.


5. Las Adelitas
6. So I know that these days Frida Kahlo may be cliched, but a) that kind of pisses me off, and b) Frida Kahlo IS and WAS amazing and beautiful and so was her art.

7. This one’s from my wedding which makes it seem wrong to include here. But I love the loneliness and quiet in this photo.

8. Always, always take the path with birches on it.


I think I supposed to tag other people. But I am way way too shy, I don’t think anyone would actually, you know, listen to me. So, do it if you want, okay, you just GO!

And, okay, one to grow on!

9. These are galaxies colliding! How fuckin’ cool is that?!




  1. I know it’s cliched and all, but it’s true: YOU are both beautiful and amazing.

  2. Awwwww. You guys are BOTH beautiful and amazing.

    Thanks for giving me some beauty to start my day.

    I love the birch path….

  3. Of course you love the birch path, Phantom. Cos it’s from Acadia! On Great Head if I remember correctly.

  4. These are absolutely gorgeous! The galxies colliding is incredible, as are the birches. Silver birches are so peaceful…

  5. 5 and 6 kick ass! :)

  6. hmmm i meant 4 and 6. and NINE!

  7. What a gorgeous post!

    And this is a huge tangent, but I was just reviewing last week’s whines at Phantom’s blog (because I should be grading, you see), and saw your comment about night sweats. This has completely been happening to me too! I had wondered if it was because I’ve gained some weight, but I’ll wake up absolutely drenched and it’s kind of bugging me.

    (Sorry to demean your beautiful post with this commment…!)

  8. New Kid- I know! I had attributed it to weight gain too. But I think that’s just our issues with weight talking, I don’t really think gaining weight causes night sweats…but I am so glad someone else went there too! I did a bit of a webMD searching cos someone else at last week’s whining suggested early onset menopause (!!!!!) and I freaked out. Now I think it might be due to antidepressants I am on. Going to talk to my GP about it since I’ve got to go in for my yearly checkup anyway.

  9. Nezua, Isn’t that Frida print just something else. So much symbolism going on, it’s overwhelming. Sigh. Frida kicks (kicked? I never know what to do about artists who are dead but the art lives on, you know?) ass, for sure. And the UFW march- I just love the dustiness, the guitar player, the children on the edges all the flags – USA, Mexico, the Virgen, and all. It represents to me so much about the movement- the sense of family and community, the pride, I don’t know, so much!

    Aliki & Nezua- the galaxies colliding image is one of the latest from the Hubble Space Telescope. It’s quite unimaginable, isn’t it.

  10. Hmmmm, I too am on anti-depressants…. timing-wise, that would make sense (Lexapro, for the record). I hope you get some answers!

  11. I really like number 3.

  12. I love all these photos, and I especially like the political beauty. YOu’ve made me smile, and you’ve made me think about beauty from another angle. Thanks.

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