Posted by: turtlebella | 21 October 2006

I am pantywaisted

I like watching sports, I do. I love my Denver Broncos and can be quite cutthroat when watching them play. And NCAA tournament basketball is something I always enjoy, and not just because I often win with my bracket. And I like baseball, especially when I’m at the ballpark, live.

But sometimes, well, often I have a hard time watching sports. Because, really I don’t like watching anyone lose. This is why I don’t watch game shows or any reality shows. I feel so sorry for people that lose, I’m just too damn empathetic.

So right now it’s the World Series. And baseball is just about the sqvirrel’s favorite sport. And we happen to know the father of the Detroit Tigers‘ rookie pitcher, Justin Verlander. And the Tigers haven’t been to the World Series in like, forever. So we really want the Tigers to win. But as we are watching tonight, Justin Verlander is pitching. I’m already nervous because I want Verlander to do well. But on the other hand I don’t like to see the St Louis Carndinals do badly. Not because I like them, but just because I hate to see people do badly at anything. For example, someone on the Cardinals made an error and I squirmed. I hate to think of that guy thinking about the error late at night as he tries to go to sleep.*

The sqvirrel tries to help me hate the Cardinals,

“They’re all Republicans.”

“The pitcher got caught hitting his dog.”

He’s quite the funny one, is the sqvirrel. But what I want to know is- why do I insist on feeling bad on behalf of people I don’t know and never will and who make plenty of money and probably don’t lay awake at night, thinking about all the horrible errors they made. I figure since I’ve lain awake countless nights, reliving all my worst, most embarrassing moments, they must too. Anyway, it’s enough for me to imagine them doing so. So for the duration of the World Series, I’ll probably sit here on the couch, reading a book, sneaking looks at the TV to see how things are going.

*Unlikely to happen, since the Cardinals are up, 4-1 in the bottom of the 3rd. grrrr.


  1. I tried… unfortunately, what happened to make you feel better about the Cardinals losing was that the Cardinals started winning. Not what I had hoped for…. but it’s now the 5th inning, so anything could happen.

  2. Ha! that’s so funny–i’m an underdog sort of gal–i pick the team that hasn’t got a chance in hell of winning, and then attach myself to that team. Hence, the tigers suck, and bfp is their biggest fan. The tigers go to the world series, and bfp has no interest. Similarly with detroit wings–pre-scotty bowman, they suck, and i love them desperatly–scotty bowman era rolls in, i scorn their stanly cup and all that it represents.

    I also have a thing for feeling bad for those poor crying dudes at the end of the game. awww…look at them, crying into their towels–how could anybody be so horrible and insist on keeping score?/??? all it does it make grown men cry!!!!


  3. he crying at the end by the losers– i can’t stand it! grown men, crying, you know it’s gotta be bad! i always get mad at the tv people for showing that!!!

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