Posted by: turtlebella | 13 October 2006

I feel like I’m actually cultured

I’m very excited. Because one of my favorite novelists, Orhan Pamuk, has won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Yay! I’m going to write more about him and his books later, when I get a few more spare moments. But just wanted to get this in, that I’m happy he has been recognized.


  1. no doubt. i was happy to see that. i wrote about him here (an old blog) a while ago, and was surprised to see him in the paper this morning.

  2. oh, my, gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been reading you over those bloglines things–i click over to leave a comment and I am stunned by the template change!!!!! nice change!

    i’ve heard a lot of buzz about this dude–I’ll be looking forward to reading your write up!!!

  3. I know, new template! I like the colors… But glad to know you’ve figured out bloglines, bfp! You crack me up.

    Since I took the weekend off of blogging haven’t gotten around to writing anything about Pamuk. And now I am a bit intimidated cos Nezua is so much the better writer than me and he’s written about him before…ack! Okay, I WILL overcome my (in this case) silly sense of inferiority. It’s good for me!

  4. Even if someone is a “better” writer…you still have your unique perspective. We are all facets of an eye, we need everyone’s view. :)

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