Posted by: turtlebella | 20 September 2006

Dancing Dreams

When I was but a young one I really wanted to be a Soul Train dancer or a Solid Gold Dancer. Nsoul_train.jpgot only were they sexy (which somehow I already knew was important) but they could dance. I just thought being able to move that way was so cool. I was reminded of this last night when the sqvirrel and I went to see the Godfather of Soul, James Brown. He has some kick-ass dancers (although they were a lot skinnier than the dancers of my chsolid-gold.jpgildhood, sigh).
When grown-ups used to ask me what I wanted to be when I “grew up” I never really knew what to answer. Somehow I knew that Soul Train or Solid Gold dancer was not appropriate to mention to grown-ups. But other than that I was kind of stumped. In the late seventies there was still the notion that there were jobs ‘for girls’ – nurses, teachers, and jobs ‘for boys’ – firemen, policemen. And not much overlap. And I didn’t really want any of the ‘for girls’ jobs. And true to myself, I ended up in a job – scientist – that was not traditionally ‘for girls.’

But man, if I only I could have been a soul music dancer. They looked like they were having a lot of fun last night.


  1. Yeah, not surprisingly, I never had the desire to be a dancer (it was kind of my lovely wife not to mention the fact that I can’t dance. at. all.).

    The first thing I remember wanting to be was a garbageman. I liked the idea of riding on the back of the truck, jumping off, hopping back on… apparently the stinking garbage part of the job hadn’t crossed my mind…

    Anyway, James Brown was cool. The job I saw last night that I most admire was the guy whose sole job is to introduce JB, including pepping up the crowd appropriately. Oh, and also the Cape Guy, whose job is to walk out on stage, put a glittery cape on James’ shoulders, wait 10 seconds or so, then take it off again….

  2. Girl!~!!!! omg, i ALWAYS wanted to be that black girl on solid gold…she was SOOOOO beautiful, and remember how she had that long hair? I was the lone chicana in the entire school whose parents not only didn’t allow grow my hair out long, but activelly chopped it off if it even looked like it was *thinking* about growing out!!! So man, I used to get my towel on and swing that thing around just like her–sigh…i loved solid gold…

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