Posted by: turtlebella | 16 September 2006


No, not mine, silly. Today brownfemipower celebrates the blogiversary of her blog, Woman of Color. bfp, as she is known among her hermanas y hermanos, is such a fab blogger, I can’t even tell you, so you should go over to her site to see for yourself.  Early on in my foray into reading blogs I found one of her posts, Niggers and Spics, about how she encountered her own racism, how she dealt with it.  She wrote about the animosity between her Chicano community and the African American community.  And how she found herself working with  a number of African Americans in a restaurant. She writes with such honesty and bares her soul, with all its flaws and dark spots.  I was impressed by her writing and her obvious depth of feeling regarding women of color, violence against women of color, and radical politics. I became an avid reader and a commenter (and once I even started a bit of firestorm between by offhandedly criticizing Andrea Dworkin in one of my comments over there).  So, this is all just to say- happy blogiversary, querida bfp! I’m tan feliz que you are out there in the blog-o-sphere!  You are indeed a “woman the world requires”


  1. awww, hermana!!!!!!!! sniff sniff…i came over here looking to get links of your mexico series, and i found this!!!!!! come here baby, big fat hugs….xoxoxoxo

    ps that is so crazy to know that’s when you found my site!!!! Seems like i’ve known you so much longer than that!!!!

    and girl, i remember that crazy brawl…grr, i was SO pissed off!!! ;-p

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