Posted by: turtlebella | 7 September 2006

Wanna be ‘turtlebella’ for Halloween?

Well, your dream has been answered! Now YOU too can know how to dress just like me! All thanks to a meme I saw at New Kid‘s. The point is that I am supposed to give details for what a halloween costume of ME, turtlebella would look like. Since I am the most boring dresser EVER, I’ve also decided to do this for some of the loved ones in my life. Then they can comment and tell me if I’ve done a good job or not!

Meme instructions: If I were designing a “turtlebella” Halloween costume, it would consist of…[try to choose something representative rather than you most stylish/most interesting/most h.o.t. outfit!]

  • Jeans. I wear jeans a lot. I think I’m still a student or something. Found my last few pair of jeans at TJ Maxx and they were actually a little bit stylish, hipster-like. Usually the problem is that normal lengthed jeans are slightly on the short side and the long ones are a bit too long. Last time I bought ones that were too long I just cut them off so they have this very neat and tidy (NOT) aspect of being all raggedy and not at all even (cut in a straight line? I never learned that one, not paying much attention in kindergarten, I guess).
  • In the summer, I will wear some version of capri-type pants. Like these. Today I am wearing faded black (that happens when you hang your black pants to dry in the bright Portugal sun!) ones that are vaguely Pirate-like. Add black and white striped tights and you have a honest-to-goodness Pirate halloween costume!
  • T-shirt. In the summer it’s short-sleeved and likely to have some beer motto or design. Or is a t-shirt that I got for pledging to the community radio show in the small southern city that I did my Ph.D. in, like this. Since I pledged twice a year for six years, I’ve got A LOT of these t-shirts. I also have a number of black t-shirts- hey, they go with everything! And a number of solid-colored ones that aren’t selling anything. These I’ve generally had for a long time and so most of them have little tiny holes in them. Who knows where these holes come from. But they make the sqvirrel want to throw them out. But I am attached, they are soft and comfy. Long-sleeved in the winter, same themes.
  • Funky shoes. The current ones (pewter color, matte/shinny finish clogs- real wood soles!- with closed toe and floral cutout design) are from the most wonderful bag shop in the world, Refinery. It’s in Brooklyn at 254 Smith St in the Cobble Hill neighborhood. Suzanne Bagdale, the designer of the bags, has recently started selling clogs. You can order them in a dazzling array of colors and materials. Heaven. If you are in NYC, stop by! The Refinery is a GREAT store! At other times you’ll likely find me in John Fluevog shoes, like these. When I become a grown-up, I am going to wear something like this! In the field I wear trail runners, almost exclusively, unless I am doing some actual hiking.
  • Speaking of the Refinery, I’m usually carrying a Refinery purse. I wish she had a website so you could see these wonderful bags…but the current one is a sort of faded black with polka dots of different sizes (c. 2cm-5cm) in the colors of pale oragne, burnt umber, muted sunlight, and cloudy blue-gray. I own a lot of purses though so every once in awhile I change them around. Several are in Mexican vintage oilcloth design. Some plain black. One that a friend hand painted for me with a monogram that says “Dr. B” (for Dr. Bella, obviously!) and gave me when I graduated from grad school. The sqvirrel thinks I own too many purses, shoes, and scarves! I do own a lot of all of those, but you just never know what you are going to need.
  • Funky glasses. The current ones look are from Jean Lafont, mine are rectangular chunky plastic in purple with sparkly-ness/hologrammatic look so that they sometimes appear greenish, brownish, blueish, and have four purple rhinestones at the outer edge. They are FAB FAB FAB.

If I were designing a “the sqvirrel” Halloween costume, it would consist of…

  • Khakis or jeans. NON-pleated thank you (read: thank turtlebella) very much. In extra long. He’s 6’4″ after all
  • Polo shirt in a snazzy color. Purple or orange or or forest green faded red. Or a button down shirt in classic blue or washed green color. One lovely shirt is a raspberry-colored button down shirt in the most soft cotton ever, Mami Deer got him that. Shirts must be extra-tall size. See reference to his height above. For fancy occasions he has a lovely guayabera in white with black stiching. Mami Deer got him that too. And actually many of his other shirts came from his mom. His wife (turtlebella) apparently does not buy him any shirts! He does purchase some on his own too though!
    New Balance sneakers in dark brown and orange.
  • Dark green rectangular metal glasses. Sometimes they match his shirt, prompting people to ask if his glasses always match his clothes. He enjoys saying “yes, of course!”

If I were designing a “gigglygirl” Halloween costume, it would consist of…

  • Solid color hipster t-shirt. Or something from the music man’s record store, a funky band shirt with hip colors and design.
  • Stylish jeans or cool cords with a chunky buckled belt. I’ve seen her wear stylish skirts to work too!
  • Her favorite shoes are red leather, square-toed clogs. She also has a large selection of funky shoes, like me. She understands the importance of this. It’s why we are friends. (hee hee)
  • Her glasses are also funky, metal, rectangular but with an upward tilt like refined cat eye glasses.

If I were designing a “Bear” Halloween costume, it would consist of…

  • A The Resident‘s t-shirt
  • A pair of shorts that have seen better days. Usually from quicksilver
  • I haven’t noticed his shoes lately, but they used to be always Vans, nothin’ but Vans.
  • Long, long hippy hair. It’s well past his shoulders. And is a lovely golden honey brown color.
  • Actually, at my wedding he had some snazzy Mexican cowboy duds, very nice!


  1. not bad, turtlebella. i would also add that i also own a refinery bag; purchased at an entirely different time than you, but somehow, we still manage to be uncannily similar. i also have a large selection of purses–it’s what it has come down to, now that i’m not in my 20s. shoes, purses, and glasses. those are the fashion accessories that count.

  2. I love this. I have hated dressing up for Halloween for years, but I think I could pull off a turtlebella costume if required. (Of course, now that I’m 40-something, there is considerably less peer pressure to do Halloween, but still. Nice to have a backup costume in my head.)

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