Posted by: turtlebella | 20 August 2006

Answers Meme

As I’ve said before, I cannot resist memes.  This is a really interesting one that jo(e) wrote.  It’s a cool exercise, I thought.  Answering questions you don’t know.  Well, jo(e) knew what all the questions were but I didn’t.  Some are more obvious, some very much not so!  Anyway, good fun.

Rules: must be figured out for yourself.

1.  No, I don’t live near big boring city. I live in college town. We have better restaurants. Except for one Belgian place which is the reason we go to otherwise big boring city, other than the airport.

2.  Well, for the most part. Sometimes I embellish stuff to make it a better story.  One time the sqvirrel rolled his eyes upon reading a story of mine where it was obvious I’d added a bit to the truth. He knew I was on the slope to fiction!

3.  33.  I think. Either that or 32. I’m always having to calculate it. (takes a moment for adding) It’s 32, I’ll be 33 later this year.

4.  He’ll show up occasionally since he’s an important part of my life and features in many of the stories I have to tell.

5.  Three and a half years. We’ve been married for one week and one day.

6.  Make up your own answer cos I’m not going to.

7.  In fact we are moving to another Midwestern city in January.  Cos that’s a good time to move to someplace colder.  I’ve both moved plenty in our adult lives and this is the first time I’ve actually gotten to choose the place.  Otherwise it’s been because of work or graduate school or a significant other lived there. So it’s exciting to move somewhere entirely of our choosing. And I have lots of family there and gigglygirl lives there too. Very novel for us to move somewhere that we already know people.

8.  No. But my belly button is pierced. Has been for over 12 years now such that it’s just a part of me.

9.  Yes. It’s fun to hear about other people’s experiences, how they relate to mine, how they are different, how they are similar. My conversations with real live people are basically an exchange of stories and it’s nice to expand this to blogosphere people.

10.  No, I don’t think enough people read my blog. Even in response to more controversial topics I’ve written about, like the Have sex* post, I’ve gotten no hate mail.

11.  No. I’ve never written about anything that I thought shouldn’t be out there.  But then again, I’m kind of a let it all out and hang out kind of person anyway.

12.  The sqvirrel does. Otherwise I hadn’t told anyone about it.  But recently I came out about it on our personal website. So it’s possible that Mami Deer could read it.  But frankly she’s a bit internet-challenged and if she finds it once she may not ever find it again. And Bear doesn’t have a computer. Many of my friends don’t really do the blog thing so not very many of them read it either.  Mostly it’s just my bloggy friends who read.

13.  No.  I don’t think there is any way to find me through google. If someone who knows me stumbled across it they would know it was me pretty damn quickly. I’m not terribly concerned.

14.  To be honest, I’ve never been asked.  I basically have to muddle through my own emotional life as best as I can, much less someone else’s.

15. I was one in college, initially because the meat offering in the cafeteria were so dismal but also for environmental reasons. Now I do eat meat, but rarely and I try to only eat organic, free-range meats.  Recently the sqvirrel read The Omnivore’s Dilemma and learned that much of this is not actually very free-range.  That has made me angry, I shell out so much extra money and it ends up with some evil corporation who is skirting the issue and profiting greatly.  We try to buy local meats at the Farmer’s Market here. And once we move we are going to only eat meat from local farms.  Some of the Community Supported Agriculture farms in the area do pork, chicken, beef.  Sounds like a good way to do it.  We are definite converts to the eat local produce idea.  For environmental reasons.  For supporting local, truly family-run farms.  For environmental justice.

16.  I’m not much in to the spiritual side of healing. But Mami Deer has performed reiki on me before (she is a reiki master as well as a spiritual director. cool, huh?).  And it seemed to work.  Once I also did a limpia that Mami Deer organized for me.  Not entirely sure what I thought about it.  And Mami Deer was horrified to learn that I lied to the curandera about whether I meditate or pray (I don’t but felt it was inappropriate to tell her that).  There’s a lot western medicine doesn’t know about the human body, how it interacts with the spiritual body and how to fix health problems.  I am willing to go as far as admitting that, at least.

17.  Basically because it’s a ton of fun. I can indulge my sense of silliness and even get aggressive feelings out, with some of the martial arts moves.  I plan on getting my white belt so that I am certified to teach NIA. It’s my next life as a worker, to teach it.

18.  Catholic. I was pretty devout in junior high and high school.  I stopped practicing in college, more or less. In graduate school I became an atheist.  The sqvirrel went through a similar trajectory, although he was raised in the Episcopal Church (not much different some would say).  However, we are not evangelistic atheists.  We pretty much let enough alone and our parents are quite spiritual, in their ways.

19.  I’ve never gone on retreat.  But it sounds like a peaceful thing to do.  Instead I use reading to get away. From myself, from the problems of the world.

20.  Green.  The color of plants, of life, of growth.

21.  Well, so you can’t tell who we are! Really, that’s a pretty silly reason.  Like those “Fashion Don’ts” photos women’s magazines have, with the eyes blocked out. I think that’s pretty interesting, actually.  That it’s the eyes that identify someone.  Anyway, alternate back views of people are interesting too…forces one to focus on other aspects of the photograph.  I think as humans we are naturally drawn to faces and often focus on them to the exclusion of other things.

22.  A lot, if not all, of the pseudonyms are based on animals.  Which is pretty much a coincidence.  My own pseudonym is based on a family-given nickname, as is my brother’s pseudonym.  The sqvirrel is something I already called him and is based on a David Sedaris story. The other names are based on animal associations I have with the people (e.g., Bird reminds me of a song bird with her light bones and small frame) or that person’s own animal totem.

23.  Sometimes I do blog about things that are very personally important to me.  But usually they are abstract ideas rather than deeply personal stories.

24.  Apparently sometimes I am very funny without even knowing that I am.  I am basically pretty kooky which people who know me really well know.  Very rarely I can be quite witty.  I aspire to be Dorothy Parker-like, but it’s a fairly unattainable goal.  I do make fun of myself and tease the people I love relentlessly.  It’s how I learned to show affection.

25.  Yes.



  1. How fun to read your version of this.

  2. Each one is like a riddle, fun. Pretty blog.

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