Posted by: turtlebella | 16 August 2006

Wedding photos

The wedding photos are trickling in now from our friends.  And it turns out that photos of the couple getting married are pretty good for pseudonymous blogs, since they feature their backs.  So here are the backs of turtlebella and the sqvirrel as we are getting hitched!  Another beauty of the only-our-backs-are-showing style of photo is that you can’t tell that we are probably both crying our eyes out.  At one point I had to make frantic motions to my best woman, gigglygirl, to ask if my mascara was a mess. Yes, I was wearing waterproof stuff but I couldn’t quite believe that any mascara could withstand *that* many tears! Before the ceremony in anticipation of tears I had given the sqvirrel a handkerchief that I always use in the field.  It’s a big dark blue typical-looking handkercheif.  Apparently it was quite funny to see us all dressed up and using it to dab at our faces, cos everyone laughed every time we got it out.  I don’t think there was anyone there who didn’t cry at some point.  The ceremony was quite personalized, even though we recited fairly standard vows (NO obeying though).  Our officiant was a friend of the sqvirrel’s (and mine now too) and so when her voice cracked when she mentioned that she’d never seen the sqvirrel so happy, you just knew you weren’t going to make it without using a tissue or five.  As I’ve mentioned before, I cry quite easily.  But I’ve never cried quite so much from joy instead of grief.  And the sqvirrel almost never cries.  It was pretty amazing to see all of our friends and family there for us, crying and laughing right along with us.

And hey, turns out that my back looks pretty sexy!




  1. it was a beautiful ceremony! i love you guys!!!!

  2. Your back does look sexy! Great dress and hair – congratulations, and I’m glad you’re so happy with how it went – it sounds beautiful! (And as an aside, I’m glad you and the sqvirrel are both keeping your names. Even though it’s none of my business. ;-D)

  3. I love the dress turtle!!! (at least from what I c an see of it!! :-)

    We look a lot alike you know, :-) cept my hair is quite a bit blacker–but I got the same short curl bob thingy…sounds like a beautiful ceramony–i’m a cry-er too, so I would have been boo hooing right along side you!!

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