Posted by: turtlebella | 15 August 2006

Vacation by Numbers

Badger had a vaction by the numbers over on her blog and I decided, having recently returned from a sorta vacation (getting married …I don’t know if that counts as vacation) I thought it would be fun to turn it into a meme. I’ve altered it a bit. Cos some stuff I just couldn’t quite get to work with my vacation.
Number of days gone from home: 13

Number of planes taken: 4

Number of suitcases lost by airlines: 0 (a miracle!)

Number of contraband liquid/gel items I snuck through security yesterday: 0 (tried to get away with Burt Bee’s lip stuff but apparently this is A.Very.Dangerous.Substance. WHATEVER)
Number of quarts of blueberries I picked: 0.5

Number of candy bars or similar I ate in airports: 4

Number of books I read: 4

Number of these pertaining to my research: 0

Number of first cousins I saw while on vacation: 5 (including first cousins’ ex-wives, almost all of whom remain cherished members of the family…often more so than the actual cousins)

Percentage of cousins: 55.6

Number of years since I’d seen Cousin K: 2

Number of cousins’ children (first cousins once-removed) I saw: 5

Percentage of cousins’ children: I have too many cousins once-removed to calculate this…

Number of babies I held: 2

Number of times I was beaten at Apples to Apples: 1

Number of times I was beaten at darts by my nephews: 10

Number of times the sqvirrel won at ping-pong: 3

Number of times the sqvirrel told me about his ping-pong wins: 2

Number of bills waiting for me when I got home: 4

Number of voicemails waiting for me: 5

Percentage of voicemails that were hangups: 80

Number of pets that insisted in sleeping in my bed last night: 0 (but all dogs were still at the boarding place)


  1. what does the ‘similar’ in ‘candy bars or similar’ refer to?

  2. you know, stuff like skittles, things that aren’t candy bars but still really bad for you…

  3. FUN


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