Posted by: turtlebella | 20 June 2006

OMG, it’s a Bra Post

All props to Dr. Bitch

An alternate title for this post would be…

"Random bullets of Underwear" 

  • I'll try to be brief (ducking the proverbial tomatoes).
  • Recently I was in Alençon, France, a small city in Normandy.  On the pretty old town pedestrian shopping street I saw an advertisement for the EXACT bra I was wearing. This was a bra I bought for beaucoup bucks at Nordstrom's. Needless to say, it's French. And it fits me and is heaven. But I felt very fashionable! In a bra-waring kind of way.
  • In Viana do Castelo, Portugal my volunteer field assistants and I saw a store that sold lots of Portugal-themed sportswear (this is always big but especially now with the World Cup in which Portugal is doing very well, thank you very much!). Featured prominently in the window display was a pair of men's tighty-whities. In the middle of the, well, crotch, was the crest symbol of the Portugal football team. We all wanted to buy a pair for the men in our lives (all but one of my field assistants in France and Portugal are female!) but alas, the store was never open when we walked by.


  1. tell me this, did the crotch have an opening for when nature calls? because when polar bear ran out of clean underwear and we went searching in a paris department store, we could not find a single pair that wasn’t hermetically sealed. i found that to be incredibly odd and it made me curious as to how men in france accomplished the task without completely pulling both their pants and their underwear down!

  2. LOL. You know, I didn’t notice… that is super odd, though. I thought that was standard male underwear feature. Maybe you were accidentally looking at speedos??? :)

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