Posted by: turtlebella | 5 June 2006

Celebrate Loving

The folks at have declared that June 12 should be Loving Day- a day to celebrate love between interracial couples.  June 12, 1967 was the day the Supreme Court decided that interracial couples were legal (Loving vs. Virginia). They believe you should celebrate your right to love any one or any race (or gender and sexuality I will add here). Of course, I'm sure that they wouldn't argue that you shouldn't celebrate it EVERY day!  But given all the brouhaha lately on same-sex marriage these days I thought it would be nice to point out that once upon a time interracial sex, love, marriage was illegal too.  And until hideoulsy recently (1997) the majority of America did not "approve" of interracial relationships.

OK, I'm going to stop here before I get on a rant about why any one should have to approve of the love between OTHER people.  I can't stay in the Espaço do Internet here in Portugal forever, after all!

By the way, I have no idea what is going on with the fonts, it's not a purposeful alteration to the "look" of the blog…I don't know how to change them or why they flip about…urgh.



  1. from a personal standpoint (i am currently engaged to someone with a different ethnic background than my own) and a political standpoint, this anniversary throws into poignant relief the current debate over same-sex marriage. i live in a state (and soon the turtlebella and sqvirrel) where a ban on same-sex marriage is actively being pursued in the state legislature.

    i am going to take the time to remember june 12 by writing to my state representatives to make sure they know how preposterous an idea it is to put a law on the books that would sanction one kind of love, and not another.

    thanks for pointing this out, turtlebella. glad to know you made it safely to the other side of the Pond.

  2. ay turtle bella, i miss you so…

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