Posted by: turtlebella | 26 May 2006

Que viva la mujer

sin* miedo of intimidation, sin the state rising up against her, without jailtime for standing up for justice y por su tierra, without smearing from the media for speaking about her rape, without abuse at the hands of patriarchal society in general and specific men.

Pictures, you know, worth more than any words que tengo. I offer today photos and representations of Mejicanas who have stood up and stood strong. Some have paid for this with their lives.

*sin means without.

Subjects and websites of source: Mujeres de Atenco,, thanks to bfp for this one and for inspiration. Una Adelita,; Las Adelitas,; Digna Ochoa,; Dolores Huerta,; Mujeres Zapatistas,



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