Posted by: turtlebella | 24 May 2006

Guilty Pleasures Meme

I saw this over at Pink Cupcake's (where Clare is guest-blogging) but apparently the whole world has done this meme already.

Four Guilty Pleasures in Books/Reading:

  1. Rosamund Pilcher
  2. Mary Stewart (not the Arthur books which I wouldn’t feel guilty about)
  3. British chick lit (American if placed in Boston in a pinch but not in NYC)
  4. blogs, blogs, blogs

Four Guilty Pleasures in Movies:

  1. all of the Star Wars movies (I don’t care what critics or other fans say about Episodes I, II, or III)
  2. I have Breakfast at Tiffany’s memorized. Really.
  3. Any British, very slow moving or where nothing really happens movies, e.g., Enchanted April or Day at Month by the Lake
  4. Almost any movie with Daniel Day Lewis (have seen most of ‘em with notable exception of Gangs of New York, too violent)

Four Guilty Pleasures in Food: Okay, it is SO not fair that there are only FOUR guilty pleasures in food allowed! I have too many of these.

  1. Bacon
  2. Chocolate chip cookie dough (yes, with the eggs)
  3. Garlic bagel chips
  4. Candy, mostly sour/sweet like Sour Patch Kids. I once ate so many Sour Patch Kids that I got blisters on the roof of my mouth! It was kind of cool. I’ve never quite managed to repeat.

Four Guilty Pleasures in Music:

  1. Beautiful South (I think really nice but somehow I have the impression that this band is the ultimate in cheese in UK; British bloggy types, chime in?)
  2. Almost anything on oldies radio station
  3. Shania Twain (mostly her first two albums)
  4. Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow (see #2)

Four Guilty Pleasures in TV:

  1. I watch way too much Law & Order, all of them
  2. As Times Goes By (I love this show so much I want to BE the character Judi Dench plays and the sqvirrel to be the male lead when we grow up)
  3. The fact that I’ll watch just about anything on TV, except reality or quiz shows
  4. HGTV, especially Design on a Dime

Four Guilty Pleasures in Booze:

  1. Beer. Good beer. Microbrew or homebrew or British real ale. (well I don’ reallyt feel guilty about it but it’s what I drink the most so it has to be on here?)
  2. Gin martini-soaked olives
  3. Godiva chocolate martinis at Grand Central Hilton in NYC
  4. Tequila shots, in rapid succession and of a cheapish brand

I tag anyone who hasn't done this and who does memes at all!

Update, I amused to note how much of an anglophile this meme has revealed me to be. There are 8 British things on here.  And that I apparently feel guilty for being an anglophile…



  1. LOVE Enchanted April! Love it! As Time Goes By too! Every Sunday teatime… spot on…
    Beautiful South though? Worse than cheese. practically easy listening.

  2. OMG, I thought for sure that Clare was going to say that she liked the Beautiful South. Her music taste is usually heavy on the cheese, but, yes, I have to say that I thoroughly agree with her on this occasion!

    As Time Goes By??!! I love Judi Dench, but I couldn’t stand that show. However, I’m with you all the way on the gin martini soaked olives. Yum!

    Oh, and I have so much respect for your ability to eat those sour sweets. My face is screwing up just thinking about it! :)

  3. Erm, excuse me ‘Cake, I resent that! Pop! I like Pop!
    Didn’t notice sour sweets thing – totally have a thing for Haribo sour sweets.

  4. See I just knew you guys were going to roast me on The Beautiful South! No one in the States has heard of them so I get props for being all anglophilic and what not. Well, it was supposed to be a GUILTY pleasure after all. And for the record (ha ha) none of the music things is anything that is you know, regularly listened to. I have COOL taste in music. REALLY! :)

    I have a feeling that American sour sweets are not as sour as European versions (say like Swedish Fish which practically made me die when I tried the real thing). Will try the Haribo sour sweets…perhaps they sell them at Heathrow as I have layover there in one week!

    Heaven to see your name, Pink Cupcake- I’ve missed you!

  5. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who doesn’t appreciate “As Time Goes By,” and that it’s not just because of my Y chromosome…

  6. haha, shania twain girl????? i just don’t know if i can respect you anymore…aw, hell, i admit it, i used to love that any man of mine song. i used to think she was pretty hot too.

    ps sqvirrel, i standing with you on as time goes by…

  7. because i know turtlebella, i can understand where the obsession with “as time goes by” comes from.

    I did this meme on my blog:

  8. Yes, that was the song, bfp, that I liked!! I was in a crappy relationship when it came out and I used to put it on really loudly when he was around. He didn’t really get it though. And yes, she was hot. I was sad when she got all popular and stuff.

    gigglygirl, are you saying you don’t like As Time Goes By either?! ack.

  9. no, i’m actually noncomittal on as time goes by. i can take it or leave it, personally, but i can see how you identify with judy dench’s character. plus, that whole thing where you inexplicably take on an english accent sometimes . . .

  10. I love as Time Goes By, too, and I don’t see why it has to be a “guilty” pleasure. Stand proud!

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