Posted by: turtlebella | 23 May 2006

Literary Luna-day…one day late

I must have been loon-y the day I decided that Literary Luna-day was a good idea. I mean, Monday? Heellloo? I can't do anything but keep my chin up on Monday. Most of the time I can't even remember that it's Monday. Or that I'm supposed to do Literary Luna-day. Much less, you know, be productive at work!

So I'm doing yet another internet quiz thing-y for this week's (late) edition of Literary Luna-day. I now wish I hadn't done the others cos I really like this one. And on top of that Booknut had recently blogged that there should be a internet quiz about which Jane Austen book one is. And this is pretty close to that. I saw it on Bookworm, who was Emma Woodehouse so I don't know if all the classic female literary characters are also Austen characters. Still, seems like Jane Eyre should be in there. But as much as I adored Jane Eyre, it's highly unlikely I would be her. Way too romantic for me really. And, unlike many of these quizzes where I often have to force myself to choose an answer, just any answer because I cannot for the life of me figure out which of the answers is me (none of them are), there was one question on this quiz where I was like, um duh!

What is your favorite pastime?

my answer: Reading and having my say.

Which Classic Female Literary Character Are you?

You're Elizabeth Bennett of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen!
Take this quiz!

Elizabeth Bennet is a pretty good character to be I think. Quick to judge, bah, who says you can be too quick to judge? That's a bad thing? I mean not being quick enough: much worse! And I always say what I think too, which is actually more of a bad thing as I often get myself into positions where I unintentionally hurt people's feelings. Like by loudly proclaiming that I would never ever wear a big (or little) white dress for my wedding because it's patriarchal and a symbol that my sexuality is controlled by society, my father, my future husband, etc etc. Which sometimes upsets people who did actually wear white at their wedding. Plus if I'm Elizabeth Bennet I get to marry Mr. Darcy. Who although a total ass was also dreamy as hell (or heaven depending on which you'd rather go to, if any). Luckily in real life the sqvirrel is dreamy and not a total ass. Speaking of which I wonder if they have a quiz for what famous literary male character one would be. And why they (the internet quiz gods) decided to do this by gender. I mean, in the recent Brady quiz, you could come out as a male or female Brady regardless of your gender. Which I liked, actually, even though Icame out as a character with the same gender I claim. I'm off-topic here. What a surprise! Happy Tuesday…………would it be bad internet eithics if I post-dated this???

Update: OK, there are a number of general which literary character are you quizzes out there on quizilla. I took one and ended up as:

Which literary character are you most like?

You're Holly Golightly, from Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote! You try to keep your past hush-hush because if no one knows, then you're safe. You just need to marry the one good man among the rats. And the best way to beat the mean reds is to go to Tiffany's, because nothing bad can happen to you when you're at Tiffany's, darling!Take this quiz!

Of course, I adore Breakfast at Tiffany's. Alright, aside from that she's a prostitute, basically. But that's nothing new for me. Where I work? We have Firefly alter-egos. I hadn't seen any of the episodes when we chose these and so I am Inara, the companion (read: prostitute). Inara is very independent and strong though and since being a call-girl/companion/prostitute or getting $50 for the powder room could be loosely translated to taking control of one's own sexuality, I suppose that is me. I just don't quite go to the extent of you know, making money. And it doesn't quite work in our current society. Clearly I need to think about this more!



  1. Hmmm…I am Elizabeth Bennett too. But that’s quite all right with me.

  2. Huh. Marianne Dashwood and Holly Golightly for me. But then, that first quiz could have used a little medium ground between “marriage is the best thing ever” and “I hate love.”

  3. i did not like my result–anna karenina. i will try the other one and see if i can improve upon such a tragic figure.

  4. okay, these quizzes are either terribly flawed, or my tragic nature is manifesting itself quite strongly. in the other quiz, i am most like ophelia. you know, the one that drowned???!!!

  5. gigglygirl, I think you answered too many questions with DEATH is the only option! But I can’t help but laugh. and yes, the quizzes are of course terribly, you might even say fatally flawed (see below). [God, I’m bad today!]

    and yes, I agree PS, there weren’t many choices between marriage NEVER and i will only marry for love/money.

  6. haha, i’m jane eyre. isn’t that remarkably mexican of me? i’m the one literary female figure who actually works?? i wonder if she was documented?


  7. bfp, I am dying laughing here at your comment. and that jane eyre a “governess” cos you know, that’s what mexican women do, take care of children :). so ironic!

  8. Holly isn’t a prostitute. She’s a call girl. In the book it is very clear that quite a lot of those men are gay and using her as a cover. The movie is unclear, but the book isn’t…

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