Posted by: turtlebella | 21 May 2006

turtlebella leaves two months before wedding


Thanks to Tabitha Writes Back for the link to this fun feature!



  1. open up the paper, i want to know that gigglygirl has to say!

  2. open up the paper, i want to know what gigglygirl has to say!

  3. i know, isn’t that annoying??? i wrote a longer article than the two columns it gives you. but then it doesn’t tell you that it’s cutting you off. anyway, I think you just said something like that you asked if i wasn’t a little stressed out re: planning wedding when leavign for two months…

  4. Hmmm… article makes me wonder– should _I_ be worried?

  5. if only we could read the end of the article to find out!

    no, master sqvirrel, you needn’t be worried. everything will be fabulous, just like the two of you!

  6. that’s what people were supposed to be worried about, sqvirrel. that i might be leaving *you* instead of just the country. did you know that the runaway bride woman from last year was in like People magazine or something recently- like, “1 year later” kind of think. i mean, W.T.F. why do we waste the paper.

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