Posted by: turtlebella | 19 May 2006

Flowers…cos it might make me feel like it’s spring

Inspired by brownfemipower who considered putting masses canary yellow and purple flowers on her blog template.

It's been coldish and rainy here in midwest college town. These past couple of days the sun comes out for a couple of hours in the morning. Which should make me happy but really it just screws with my head. I get all excited and put on some summery t-shirt or algo asi and then get nailed with a major case of the shivers when it gets all cold again and storms (yesterday we had hail. hail!) on my walk home from work. So I've decided that these pics of hot pink roses that I took at my field site in Portugal would cheer me up. Enjoy!



aren't the insects cute? I think they were thinkin' about having some sex. But as I don't really know a damn thing about bugs or much about bug sex (I do know about snail sex which is really cool but another story entirely) so I'd hate to say one way or the other for sure…



  1. it’s been the exact same way here, in my midwestern town. and the lilacs are done, which is my favorite part of early spring, so now i have to wait until my peonies come out, since i am a failure at gardening and cannot promulgate any kind of continuous flowering in my yard. but no worries, once my plan of the summer is in place, i’ll have my “endless summer” hydrangeas and my hostas spread out, and it’s a done deal.

    btw, the painter still hasn’t come over once yet. the house will never be done.

  2. btw part deux: your pictures are gorgeous. you should really think about pursuing photography. weren’t you toying with that idea when we first started college?

  3. I was thinking about being a photographer? Huh!

    You know, gigglygirl, I saw a nice garden yesterday that was primarily hostas. And I thought I should take a photo of that for gigglygirl. You know I usually object to masses of hostas but these looked really nice and stuff. I think it had to do with placement, layering. I dunno, I’m a crap garderner.

    Our peonies (that I didn’t plant!) are blooming now but since it rains all the time the flowerheads are really heavy with rain and their own biggness so they just do faceplants into the ground. The sqvirrel yells at them to stand up. But that doesn’t seem to have helped. Yet.

    Call Mami Deer about how to deal with reluctant house painter. She told some guy who never came to do something or other that he smoked too much pot to ever get around to her. The guy nearly peed in his pants.

  4. do you guys have round fences or metal guards to keep the peonies from keeling over? everybody around here has that. or have sqvirrel keep yelling. maybe in different languages.

    too funny about mami deer. i’m sure our painter would just skate away on his board in disbelief. and the house still wouldn’t be finished. aaahh!!

  5. ay, turtlebella, the pictures are beautiful…exactly what i needed on this *again* cold and rainy day. i know what you mean about the weather and clothes too!!! Last night it was a little rainy, but warm when i went to class, i come out of class, and its a blast of freezing rain!!! i had to walk about ten min’s to get to my car, by the time i got there, my hair was drenched, my shirt was dripping and i was literally shaking with cold. wtf?????

    your bugg’s look so warm and content…sigh, i wish i could be in the sun getting ready to have sex….

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