Posted by: turtlebella | 18 May 2006

Have sex*

Last night while discussing the Washington Post's article on the health recommendations for prepregnant women (see below and links therein for much discussion) the sqvirrel told me about another Post article. Since I and others spent a lot of time yesterday bashing that bastion of the liberal media (ha ha!), today I will give them a break and say that this is actually a decent article. It's about teen sex and it reports the differences between Europeans and Americans in their attitudes about adolescents having sex. Europeans, it appears, believe that sex is a normal part of an adolescent's development. What a concept! What a healthy concept! And not just psychologically healthy either. Because, you see, American teenagers aren't having sex less: in fact the rates of teenage sex are the same in Europe and the U.S. But U.S. teenagers have a higher rate of STDs, more pregnancies, and more abortions. I think that pretty much speaks for itself. (For those who are interested, The Allen Guttmacher Institute did the report and you can see it here). I'm also happy to see that health professionals think that the combination of cultural "don't have sex" conventions and the media constantly selling sex in the U.S.A. is a *bad* idea and may even "endanger" the health of teenagers, something I've blogged about before. Now the question is: Will anyone listen?

*I know the google bot is gonna get me on this one. What can I say, those looking for a bunch of photos of people, animals, things having sex are going to be vastly disappointed.


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