Posted by: turtlebella | 12 May 2006

In which my head is introduced to brick wall

I have been working for days trying to do this one.little.thing for some statistics I need. Actually, my advisor and I have both been working on this. One of the biggest problems is some odd fussiness on the part of the statistics package that we use. For a few days I could get it do something I wanted it to do, but I was telling it to do it in the wrong place in the model (you have to write code, no menu, point and click). This one statement would not work for my advisor. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, it worked for her and in the right place in the statistical model. She quickly sent me the program code and it worked for me too! Yay! Then it stopped working. I've changed nothing in the program code. It just doesn't want to do it anymore. And you know what I say? I don't want to do it anymore either. And it's not like this is the most complicated part of the statistical model, in fact, it's not even part of the statistics, it's just making a dataset of the output from the model. It should be BASIC. But no.
I'm 100% sure this is of NO INTEREST to anyone at all. BUt I just want to yell and scream and this apparently alarms my lab-mates. So I thought I would blog it instead. Perhaps it will exorcise the demon from the innards of SAS. Out! Out! Damn SAS!*

*I hope no one does a google search on 'damn SAS'. I hope if they do SAS doesn't find out that google directed them here. They might rescind my license and then I would be totally hosed (one of my field assistants said this expression the other day, I'd never heard it before. Odd.)

Update, quirky aside: I've just added a cool blog to my blog roll. The name? Bootstrap Analysis, which is also the analysis I was trying to do above! I won't hold it against him!

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