Posted by: turtlebella | 11 May 2006

Net Neutrality

Brownfemipower, who is as usual always on top of things, sent me over to this great story, highlighting the importance of Network Neutrality. Should you be a New Yorker, you should also find out more about Dare 2 Dream/Dare 2 Repair; sounds pretty awesome.  Phantom also blogged about this today. So for those of you who visit here and don't visit them (all 1, 2 of you!) I thought I would too.   As usual, the heavy hitter corporation types are spending lots and lots of lobbying dollars to gut Net Neutrality.  We so need a revolution to bring corporate bullying DOWN.  Meanwhile, you can write your Senators and Representative (if you are US citizen) by going to Save the Internet (they also have a FAQ which is useful if you are like me and usually spend your time in a fog).  Then, if you are like me, and have freakishly conservative representatives in Congress you can get letters back thanking you and telling you that they are going to do exactly the opposite of what you want them to do.  Thus the need for a revolution! That's another post though.



  1. haha, girl, i’m dying. we had freakishly conservative representatives here in michigan for a while, and it SUCKS!!!! :-)

    well, you can file those letters under your ‘horse shit’ file if you want!!! i’ve found that file makes a pleasant fire in the winter when your heat gets shut off for failure to pay gadzillionair oil people your thousand dollars for the month.


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