Posted by: turtlebella | 8 May 2006

Misogyny in the brave new world

You must go read this.  Tackles, among other things, the new BK ad which drives me into hysterically annoyed shrieking every time it comes on TV. (Yes, I talk back to the idiots on my TV.  They can hear me, just like Mr. Rogers could hear me when I was five and he was still alive.)

Thanks to New Kid for pointing this one out to us.



  1. hi – i just migrated over here from BPhD … i like your blog … and i think you are engaged to my fiancee …

    did you see the tgi friday’s commercial with the four guys and the meat vs broccoli dilemma?

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Joolya! You could be marrying my sweetie’s best buddy from high school, he’s affiananced (sp?) too!

    Haven’t seen the tgi friday’s commercial, but I did read about it over at Twisty’s, I think. Who ARE these people in advertising? Clearly not the people I hang with. Actually I don’t know anyone in advertising but that’s not an accident, I guess.

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