Posted by: turtlebella | 28 April 2006

Internhet em Portugal

I am sure I have used the wrong form of "em" there…surely the sqvirrel will point it out.  He is much better are remembering rules of grammer.  And I got suckered by Spanish into thinking there couldn't be more than one form… ANYWAY, that's so not the point of this post. 

 I love my Portuguese family? Below I will post something I wrote about them last year. Well, nevermind, you'll have to wait until I get home to see this.  But the reason I love them even more right now is that their quinta (agro-tourism kind of thing) is full for the long weekend. Monday is Labor Day (as it should be! Our fake Labor Day is annoying if you know the history).  So instead of kicking me out to find my own, sad way in the world where all places in the middle of nowhere Portugal are full due to said weekend, they have put me in their grandson's room! He still sleeps in his parents' room.  The maybe best thing (aside from their generosity)?  This is where their computer is, and they have DSL now (last year it was dial-up and the room was the son's room and so I couldn't really use o internhet. Yippee!!



  1. my nonexpert opinion is that em works for Portugal because it doesn’t require the article in front of it.

    Not so with o Brasil or o Rio

  2. Yup, you are right, Tex. I always get the cities vs. countries mixed up in my head, and then Brasil is an exception. argh! I am very bad at grammar. I know I sound very goofy when I speak in Portugues but it seems to work out okay in the end.

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