Posted by: turtlebella | 24 April 2006

ABC Meme

Yay! I quite like memes. And I'm waiting on a really, really important e-mail which I wish would get here already and so this took up some good time without me having to think too hard (god forbid). Saw this at New Kid's, she saw it most recently at B*, but I gather it's been all over the blog-dom.
Accent: General American? Don’t really have one, I don’t think. But I’ll pick one up pretty quick at least for certain words if I’m living somewhere with a pronounced accent.

Booze: Gotta love the beer. Cadillac Mountain Stout (Bar Harbor Brewing Co.) when we have it. Dutch Tilburg Brown Ale for everyday kind of drinking. But I’m in Normandy right now, so cider (regional specialty).

Chore I Hate: Laundry. Folding laundry. Luckily, the sqvirrel does it all in our household.

Dog or Cat: Dog. We have three of them right now. But the sqvirrel and I both grew up with both, so we want to get a cat soon.

Essential Electronics: Laptop.

Favorite Cologne(s):At the moment I wear something by Chanel. Can’t remember the name. It's not light and flowery, which I generally dislike. But it's not overpowering either.

Gold or Silver: Silver. I quite dislike gold, unless it’s white.

Hometown: This is hard for me since we moved a lot when I was a young turtle. But basically two: cow town and southern california city.

Insomnia: Sometimes. Mostly a product of a brain that won’t switch off.

Job Title: Postdoctoral Fellow.

Kids: No. Some planned for near-ish future.

Living arrangements: 3 bedroom house. But one bedroom is full of unpacked boxes and junk and so we generally pretend that it doesn’t exist. No one’s been in it except us.

Most admirable trait: I’m quirky? Hard to figure out what one’s own most admirable trait is… I guess maybe that I’m intensely loyal to my friends. I like to laugh? Heck, I really have no idea.

Number of sexual partners: OK, I am going to interpret sex rather broadly as I do not subscribe to heterosexual penetration/intercourse definition of sex (resist heteronormativity!). Seven.

Overnight hospital stays: Three. Broke my ankle when I was 11. Had jaw surgery when I was 16. And fell down the stairs of a ferry boat to Greece (age 18) and split my lip open and ended up in a hospital in Corfu.

Phobias: Having my head under the sheets while sleeping. At the first ever sleep over party I went to (at rather older age than most kids since my parents thought they were a bad idea, getting enough sleep was rather high on the list of Important Things in our house), I “learned” that you could suffocate if you shut yourself inside your sleeping bag. I’m not sure that’s even true but it still scares me, 20+ years later. Hey, it’s a phobia. No one said phobias were rational.

Quote: Okay, I don’t really have quotes that define me? But I’ll put this down cos I read it the other day and liked it. "…there are some words that need to have total silence all around them, to give them enough space…" Amos Oz. Being an overly-wordy type, I need to learn this lesson.

Religion: None.

Siblings: One younger brother, Bear (11 months, 12 days difference). Three half-sisters and one half-brother, all my mother Deer Mami’s age or older (they are the kids of my dad’s first marriage and my dad was 34 years older than Deer Mami). I used to have two step-sisters and three step-brothers but our parents got divorced. I retain one of the step-sisters; she’s Bird, sister-of-my-heart.

Time I wake up: Generally a late sleeper. The dogs soft-headed one and Bartleby will wake me to get fed at around 7am, then I’ll go back to sleep until 8am. Weekends MUCH later. Love to sleep in!

Unusual talent or skill: I cannot imagine that I have any talent or skill that’s really unusual. I don't count being able to do multivariate statistics since I learned that in grad school…and it's boring!

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Beets.

Worst habit: I was emboldened by New Kid, who shares my worst habit – Picking at scabs. Also extends to picking at pimples. Isn’t that icky? Hard to stop though.

X-rays: For the broken ankle, for the jaw surgery, for the split lip (I think they were worried about head injuries or something? I don’t know. No one spoke English and I don't speak Greek), above mentioned. And lung x-rays (lots of lung conditions in my family, so far I share none).

Yummy foods I make: Chilaquiles, my version of chili (which is Indian-inspired), Portuguese rice, various Indian food, Mexican rice.

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.



  1. Ooh, you’re so brave to extend the “worst habit” out to its logical conclusion! I totally do that too, but stuck with just the first part of the answer. It is icky, yet incredibly satisfying. However, I am proud to say that I’ve never done what I had friends in high school do, which is pick OTHER PEOPLE’s pimples. Ewwwwwwww.

  2. I have to confess to being another pimple picker. I know I shouldn’t, but sometimes I just can’t help it. But, yeah, I’m with New Kid, I would totally not pick anyone else’s pimples. Gross! :)

  3. Yes, bad enough I have to wreck my own face…gross to do it to others…

  4. *raises hand*

    Another picker here. I swear, I think academics have more than a trace of OCD.

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