Posted by: turtlebella | 14 April 2006

Friday Poetry Blogging?

There are a number activities that various bloggers engage in on Fridays, including Friday Cat Blogging and Friday Poetry Blogging. I don't have cats, and anyway I already have a favorite cat blog. And while I will read the Friday poetry blogging posts on New Kid's site, among others, I've never thought about participating. Primarily because I'm just not that familiar with poetry and don't know poems/poets off the top of my head. I read some poetry for high school and quite enjoyed Emily Dickinson but never got into it after that. Despite giggly girl's despair! Since giggly girl used to edit poetry I used to get books of poetry from her on a regular basis but was never enthused that much. I think that it's because I can't quite get around the physical format…spoken poetry makes me much more comfortable. Basically, I am just a prose-whore!

But via jo(e) I found out about Mona's idea to work creatively with a word/topic for Friday poetry. Which I thought was fun and would challenge me creatively. The premise is that she provides a topic (today's is Hidden) and you should use it to inspire you to write something. It need not rhyme or even be poetry. I took a few moments and wrote the below. It's not long, but I gotta start somewhere! Damn, just look at all the prose I wrote and then the poem and you can see what I mean when I say I'm a prose-whore.

I can't quite figure out the formatting on this thing (my html skills limited at best, will get the sqvirrel to help later), so it's supposed to be single spaced but the thoughts are there anyway.

Between and inbetween the spaces of tangible and intangible

Our deepest desires and shameful secrets

Pushing back, pushing down

Exploring the depth of that empty space

Not so unfilled after all

In addition to being inspired by Mona's topic, I was also inspired by something I read last night in Amos Oz's A Tale of Love and Darkness. I'm going to blog about that later, I left the book at home.


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