Posted by: turtlebella | 30 March 2006

100 Things

(shamelessly stole idea from Badger)

1. I worry that my career defines me.

2. I want to change my career. Maybe.

3. I don’t like working hard.

4. I worked too hard in high school, using up all the hard-working-time allotted to me.

5. I wish I was 5’10”.

6. I am 5’9”.

7. I lie about my height.

8. I am actually 5’8” and a bit.

9. I believe in rounding up.

10. I am a hypochondriac.

11. I hate going to the doctor.

12. I love Pilates, much to my total surprise.

13. I love NIA more.

14. I don’t believe in god.

15. I try to respect and honor spiritual people.

16. My mother is pan-spiritual.

17. I worry that I disappoint my mother because I didn’t turn out to be the person she thought I might be.

18. My father died when I was 14.

19. I’ve been in therapy off and on for over 15 years.

20. I take an anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication.

21. My medication means I can pass 18-wheelers and cross bridges and go on airplanes without imagining my imminent demise.

22. I’ve hated going over bridges my whole life.

23. I don’t like driving on the outer part of mountain roads where nothing is between me and the precipitous drop down the mountain. The road near the upside of the mountain is fine.

24. I have been a union organizer.

25. I don’t think I am good at union organizing.

26. I think we need more, better, more TRULY democratic unions in the US

27. Capitalism makes me very mad.

28. Sometimes I cry when I get mad.

29. It bugs me that I seem heterosexual because I am in a monogamous, committed relationship with a member of the opposite sex.

30. I hate labels for sexuality.

31. I love my boyfriend so much that it’s goofy.

32. I’m engaged to be married to said boyfriend.

33. I do not have an engagement ring. I will not have an engagement ring.

34. Very few of my friends understand why I don’t want an engagement ring.

35. I am lucky that my boyfriend understands and agrees with the lack of an engagement ring.

36. I don’t like the fiance word.

37. The wedding industrial complex is insane and I try to resist it at all times.

38. I try to resist heterosexism at all times but sometimes it’s hard when one appears to be heterosexual.

39. My best friends live too far away.

40. I want to buy a house, make it green (as in eco-friendly), and never move again.

41. As a child I moved 9 times with my family. More than a lot of people. Less than military families.

42. As an adult (post-college) I have moved 4 times. So far.

43. I have three dogs, co-parented.

44. I feel guilty because I love my first dog the best.

45. I wish we had a cat.

46. I email when I should be working.

47. I have travelled to all continents except Antartica.

48. I think I haven’t travelled enough.

49. I want to go to Libya, Greece, Croatia. Soon.

50. I want to go back to Vietnam and Laos, Italy, England, Egypt.

51. I hate that there is a resort near the Ankgor Wat complex.

52. I am Chicana and proud.

53. I hate the term ‘hispanic.’

54. My father was 34 years older than my mother.

55. I think age doesn’t matter.

56. I think sex should not be taboo.

57. I think everyone should talk about sex more and more openly.

58. I’ve never watched porn movies, except in an academic situation.

59. I’ve never been able to decide how I feel about porn and sex workers. Exploitation of women? An empowering job for women (and men), claiming their sexuality, and choosing to profit from it?

60. I wish I was a quiet person who rarely smiles but when they do, it blows everyone away and when they do speak it’s completely profound.

61. Instead, I laugh out loud a lot and am a blabber mouth and sometimes start stories that a) have no point or b) I forget the ending to or both.

62. I hate academic (or any other kind) prententiousness.

63. I love watching professional football. And baseball-not-on-TV. And March Madness.

64. I used to have a 1973 Land Rover and it was one of my most prized possesions.

65. One of my prized possesions is the orange stuffed dog doll I got when I was in pre-school.

66. I like Victorian houses, externally and structurally.

67. I loathe Victorian interior decoration and furniture.

68. I love modern furniture.

69. I feel guilty a lot of the time.

70. I worry that I am too materialistic.

71. I hate shopping for clothes.

72. I am basically anti-social.

73. I talk a lot.

74. I don’t like using the telephone.

75. I am too hard on myself and I expect everyone to be as hard on me as I am on myself and I get mad when they are.

76. I love my friends and would do anything for them.

77. I don’t have a lot of friends, only 2-3 from each part of my life, starting with high school.

78. I dislike having acquaintances and usually avoid acquiring them.

79. I tease people to show affection.

80. I worry that I tease people too much.

81. I am sarcastic, even when it is inappropriate.

82. I cannot keep secrets.

83. I would make a very, very bad spy.

84. I like port wine, sherry, cabernet sauvignon, and porter, all kinds of stouts, brown ales, Belgian ales, Lambic.

85. I am snobby when it comes to Coors, Miller Lite, and Budweiser.

86. I love Spanish tapas and tapas bars.

87. I have a serious sweetooth.

88. I over-analyze my feelings, motivations, and actions.

89. I love fried foods but they don’t love me.

90. Ethiopian, Indian, sushi are at the top of my food-favorites list.

91. I make seriously good chilaquiles, a Mexican hangover cure breakfast food, but I make it for dinner.

92. Speaking of hangovers, I don’t get them. Ever.

93. I must have scary alcoholic/addiction genes, given that both sides of the family are rife with alcoholics and addicts, but I’m not addicted to anything that is bad for my health: mental, social, emotional, or physical.

94. I love love love reading books and cannot understand why I can’t be paid to read books (but only the ones I already want to read, fiction and maybe biographies in a pinch).

95. In college, outside course-related texts, I only read novels written by women of color and preferably queer women of color.

96. I came out as a frosh in college as bisexual but now I more or less refuse to put a label on my sexuality (see #30). If pressed, will say “queer.”

97. I am often frustrated by my inability to turn my artistic vision into artistic reality.

98. I think I am much funnier and more interesting in my writing than in my real life.

99. I do not mask my emotions ever, well hardly ever and therefore, I tend to think of myself as a drama queen but it’s not that I want attention. I just need to express myself by yelping loudly when all the contents of my medicine cabinet decide to committ suicide by flinging themselves onto the floor and other similar things.

100. My wit is rarely expressed but apparently quite entertaining. Moreover, I usually don’t know that I’m being witty. Which means that I don’t take the credit for being witty. But who else could it be?



  1. Wow. 100 things. I even learned a thing or two, and I'm the sqvirrel …

  2. 101. You have a gorgeous blog. Welcome to the blogosphere! Glad to learn more about you.

  3. 102. if turtlebella moves to where giglygirl lives, then she eliminates 2 things–living far away from one of her best friends, and the buying a house, making it eco-friendly, and never moving again. wouldn’t that be awesome? except you’d have to think of 2 more things . . .

  4. Hey, I think we have a lot in common. Welcome to the land of blog.

  5. Phantom! Jo(e)! Thanks for stopping by. Sqvirrel and Giggly girl too of course but they pretty much have to since they are husbend to be and my bestest friend, respectively.

    Jo(e), I’m going over to your blog now to check it out…

  6. I think we may have been separated at birth! I kept reading things and thinking ‘Me too’ or ‘Just like me’.

    Very glad you’ve started blogging…Enjoy! :)

  7. Pink Cupcake, Glad you found me. I’m so impressed people I don’t know actually read this whole long list!
    It’s getting a bit confusing…we are separated at birth but married in the alternate internet universe (comment thread over at Phantom Scribbler)…oh, that’s not confusing, it’s just incest! EEEK.
    Anyway, I hope your husband is feeling better and you haven’t caught his cold! Sqvirrel is completely resistant to my cold so perhaps you are fine too.

  8. Turtlebella – I know! As I wrote the separated at birth comment, I realized the relationships were all getting a little complex. :) I enjoyed reading the long list of facts though…I thought it provided a great introduction to you and your blog. My husband’s much better, thank you. Unfortunately, I did catch his cold, but am hoping that it won’t get too bad. Hope you feel better soon too!

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