Posted by: turtlebella | 30 March 2006

Embrace your depression

I recently told giggly girl that us depressed folk should embrace our depression. It's pretty much a big shock to me that depression is still seen as a stigma, at least in some circles. I don't know those circles personally, but apparently they are out there, somewhere. And I think that if people talked more about their depression a) it wouldn't be as stigma-tic* and b) it would make people feel better.

This is pretty much going to fail as a PR program though, cos no one will go for it. The thing is, people rarely want to admit that their depression is a part of who they are. I've always maintained that my depression is situational and situation-specific. My dad died. Being a teenager sucks. Breaking up is hard to do. Not knowing what I am going to do with the "rest of my life" is unbalancing. Problem is, those situations just keep coming up. So maybe being depressed IS a part of who I am.

This is not to say that I have to be depressed all the time. I take my medication, go to therapy when I need it. And most days things are just fine.  But it's part of how I look at life. I think it makes me more empathetic.

And deep down, I believe that everyone SHOULD be depressed, at least some of the time. I mean, how can you look around at our world, with poverty raging, even in the good ol' US of A, war breaking out all over the place, reproductive rights being taken away at every turn, workers exploited at home and abroad, a society that seems to accept civil rights violations as a matter of course, racism maintaining its stranglehold…(jeez I got bored of looking up links, there are too many!), how could you NOT be depressed. Not to mention personal issues. And who exactly doesn't have those? 

The thing to do is, I guess, transform that depression into ACTION. But first, you should acknowledge that you're depressed! So, as we used to say in college…


*ok so this is a nedry joke with myself, regarding stigmas.  Cos I don't think stigmatic means what I want it to mean.  I only did it because what stigmatic actually means? Pertaining to the stigma, the female reproductive part on which pollen lands. So basically? This was a big nerdy botanical joke between myself…and well, any botanically-inclined readers I might have.



  1. rise up, all you depressed people! imagine the power we could yield if we were all honest with ourselves!

  2. As someone who has had depression on and off for many years, I couldn’t agree with you more…very well said. It certainly does become part of you, and not necessarily in a bad or downbeat way. I know that I am a much more thoughtful and empathetic person since I’ve dealt with depression, and I’m much better at appreciating the simple little things that make me happy.

  3. I too, like Pink Cupcake, have had depression for years. Now I finally get it. It’s who I am. Hating it only makes it worse, as it gives me one more thing to hate myself for. I have a little book written in simple language from some Buddhists out in California. It’s written in comical font with little cartoon characters. It gives simple, sometimes humorous ideas, regarding embracing depression. While this sounds twisted to some people, embracing depression, may actually help you let it go. It’s kind of like, if you run from a dog, he will chase you. When we run from our thoughts and feelings, they chase us too.

  4. Embrace the darkness. That’s kinda my mantra on life these days.

    Yeah, looking at the date on this it looks like I’m a couple of years out. I was searching on Google for “embracing the darkness” and this cropped up.
    What’s said above is pretty good, and I would be lying if I said I couldn’t relate to it. Where I think I go wrong though, is that I embrace the dark side of life with a passion, and almost enjoy it to a point.

    Well, a few bad break-ups, a false accusation of rape, a suicidal mother and losing both your car(which you adore with, again, a passion) and your two best friends might have that effect on a person. I figure there ain’t much else can go wrong, so bring it!

  5. I actually embrace my depression ever since i was a kid. i always had that phases when i just couldnt do anything but lay on the ground and cry. it was kind of normal for me and there was nobody telling me it isnt. my parents were very kind but did not disturb me while “beeing alone with me”.. and in retrospective it was the right thing.

    Today i am a pretty happy person. i have a lot of very diverse friends, girls who i realy love and a job where i do the things i have interest for.

    i still have my time alone with myself breaking and crying about people i lost, friends and family, but i know that i will feel better after the process of breaking.

    I can view my depressive self from some point out of myself.. neutral and i cry but do not realy feel bad about it.. tears make me break free from expectations and help me to be me.

    • Nicely stated. I have no idea who you are or what this blog is. I typed the words “embrace depression” and this is what I found. Thx. PB

  6. Hi, where can I get a copy of that book??? -Nick

  7. I like this article up until you said “reproductive rights” being taken away.

    So it’s not depressing that little babies are torn apart? Their little bodies ripped apart? Even ones who are around 25 weeks, who could survive in the NICU, but that could legally be aborted?


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